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Peridot Workbook


TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND introduction This is just a general overview of style rules that can be applied to anyone. So many “fashion rules” exist that it can easily be very overwhelming to try to dress at all. Fashion rules should never be so restrictive that they completely discourage creative, out-of-thebox experimentation and any kind of selfexpression. They are only there to accentuate and give direction to best communicate without distraction. One thing always remains: the best thing anyone can wear is confidence, a smile, and a friendly demeanor. That can cover over anything anyone will say is a “fashion sin,” and yet no perfect outfit can erase memories of someone who’s not comfortable in their own skin. That is why rule #1 is to dress for yourself. Everything you wear is a way to show off what you love, how you think about the world, and what makes you unique. If it becomes a comparison game, all the joy of discovering your own humanity and communicating with others fades away. a few “rules” to remember • Find your underlying skin tone • Match cool tones with cool skin • Match warm tones with earthy colors • Wear flattering clothing • Choose clothing that’s not too tight or too loose • Pair patterns with solid colors • Avoid wearing overly similar colors together, like navy and black • Limit each outfit to just 1-2 standout colors • Choose timeless over trendy pieces. • Always dress up if you’re in doubt! • Simplicity wins above all and can add elegance to anything. STYLE JOURNAL 26


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