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Peridot Workbook


WHAT’S INSIDE This was designed to be a book that can be opened at any page and still bring joy. While these page numbers listed introduce each section, each type of page is repeatedly sprinkled throughout the booklet. This way you’ll see the style of each section and be able to find it again! The only sections that stand alone are the last three since they cover specific topics. today in the life / 4 one-page journal entry pages one-liners / 8 mini quiz-style journal spaces two’s a crowd / 12 activities for pairs or groups color / 16 an introduction to color theory style tips / 24 basic fashion rules & guides quotes / 32 inspiration for the everyday STYLE JOURNAL 2

sources http://www.colormatters. com/color-and-design/ basic-color-theory https://www. smashingmagazine. com/2010/01/color-theory- for-designers-part-1- the-meaning-of-color/ http://myclothinghelper. com/color-matching- 101-make-great-clothingmatches-by-understandingcolor-theory/ http://www. color-theory.html http://thestylenote. com/2013/04/09/styling- 101-color-combinations/ http://www.thefashionspot. com/style-trends/177555- color-theory-learnwhich-colors-lookbest-your-skin-tone/ https://www. author/quotes/7145613. Nayyirah_Waheed inspirational-quotes/7164- gratitude-unlocks-thefullness-of-life-it https://www.instagram. com/wynwileyphoto/ http://www. STYLE JOURNAL 3

Theme 1
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