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HOW TO WRITE A WINNING OFFER The dream is finally meeting reality! Your Buyer’s Agent will discuss sales data and educate you with comparable market data in order to make an intelligent decision regarding your offer. Your Agent will help you negotiate the terms and conditions. This is where the love of a dream home becomes the legal transaction of buying a house. Once you are ready to make an offer, we will meet to review the documents or sent them to you electronically for your signature. Because of recent market conditions, it is not uncommon for buyers to find themselves in multiple offer situations. Having the ‘highest offer’ doesn’t always guarantee you will win the home. Sometimes there are other factors that can sway a seller’s decision. Our combined experience can help you win those multiple offer situations and secure your dream home. Making an Offer: When we make the offer, we will keep in mind these numbers so we have the best chance at getting the property. WHAT WE CAN NEGOTIATE: - Price Move In Date The offer that we write will vary depending on a number of things including the condition, time on the market, activity and the urgency of the seller. If you can be more flexible on the possession date, sellers could be more apt to choose your offer over others. Additional Property The Counter Offer This would include any item you would like to stay with the property that is not already in the contract to stay. You will not be present at the offer presentation - we will present it to the Listing Agent and/or seller. The seller will then do one of the following - Accept the offer, reject the offer, or counter back with changes. OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN WRITING AN OFFER: Inspection Period Attorney’s Review of the Contract Appraisal Association Bylaws (if applicable) Personal Property Seller to Pay Closing Costs Contract Contingencies The Counter Offer As Is vs Seller Repairs 21 TRUSTED REAL ESTATE EXPERTS

Better for Buyers ACTIVE HOME INVENTORY Year-Over-Year Change 10% 0% -10% -20% WHAT IS A BUYER’S VS A SELLER’S MARKET Better for Sellers Jan 2013 Jan 2014 Jan 2015 Jan 2016 Jan 2017 IF YOU WANT TO BUY OR SELL A HOME, IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW IF IT’S A BUYER’S MARKET OR A SELLER’S MARKET. HERE’S WHY. Buyer’s Market: A buyer’s market occurs when the supply (available properties for sale) exceeds demand (the number of buyers seeking to purchase properties). If you’re buying a new home, a buyer’s market is the ideal time to make your move. You might be able to buy a great home for a lower cost than you would in a seller’s market. Seller’s Market: A seller’s market occurs when demand exceeds supply, or there are more buyers seeking to purchase properties than there are available homes on the market. This often leads to multiple buyers interested in a single property, resulting in bidding wars. A seller’s market is a fantastic time to sell your home as you could secure a sale price that’s higher than your listing price, or at least more than your bottom line (the lowest price you’d be willing to accept for your home). WEMERTGROUPREALTY.COM 22

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