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10 Ways To Improve Your Marriage

64 Display the Attitude

64 Display the Attitude of Gratitude Toward Your Mate For her book, Now That I’m Married, Why Isn’t Everything Perfect? The Eight Essential Traits of Couples Who Thrive, author and researcher Susan Page interviewed numerous couples. “Virtually every happy couple I spoke with mentioned how grateful they are to be with each other,” she notes. “They behaved as though they were grateful, and they told me that they mention this to each other often.” Here are some of the attitude of gratitude responses Page heard from happy couples: “We are always telling each other how blessed we are to be together and to have the life we have.” “I really feel that Lisa saved my life. I mean she did. I thank her for it every day.” “We probably mention our relationship every day, just saying things like, ‘I’m so grateful to be with you. We’re so blessed to be together.’” The lesson from these happy couples is a simple one: express your gratitude toward your

partner. Let him know you are grateful for him. Let her know how fortunate you feel to have married her. 5 Express Public Praise for Your Partner “A little praise goes a great way,” observed Ralph Waldo Emerson. While any compliment is a source of pleasure, one offered in a public way heightens the sense of joy. Be sure not only to compliment your mate privately, but don’t forget to also do it in public. Former President George H. W. Bush often praised his wife, Barbara, in public. On one occasion he was asked to answer some questions about his wife for a reporter working on a profile of the First Lady. Here are some of his comments: “She (Barbara) has enhanced my life and career by caring, by loving, by supporting. Nothing annoys me about her—nothing at all. There is no single thing I like most about her. It all comes together… her laugh, her beauty, her caring, her love, her being with me through thick or through thin. In the early days we moved a lot. In the Navy, base to base, then to New Haven for two and a half years, then out 7

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