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10 Ways To Improve Your Marriage

12 Rather than shatter

12 Rather than shatter his already fragile ego, his wife indicated: “I still believe in you.” 9 Give More Gifts “Gifts lift our spirits and brighten our hearts by making us feel indulged and special, by making us feel worthy of the delightfully, irrational pleasures of life,” says Daphne Rose Kingma in her book True Love: How To Make Your Relationship Sweeter, Deeper, and More Passionate. Although love is a mystical and spiritual union, it is often a material gift which symbolizes the depth of love and feeling we have for our partner. “So do give more presents. Don’t wait for the special occasion. Buy the unnecessary, foolish, touching thing, the gift that says I love you, I know who you are. Be silly, be serious, be generous, be inventive: the china box with the pink ceramic bow, the fuzzy teddy bear, the gym bag with five pairs of tennis socks, the space age thermos, the porcelain thimble,” Kingma advises. 10 Write Your Mate a Note— Lots of Them The writing of “I love you” notes is highly recommended by therapists Don

13 Dinkmeyer, Ph.D., and Jon Carlson, Ed.D. In their book, Taking Time For Love: How To Stay Happily Married, they say: “The ‘I love you’ note to your partner develops a brief and effective way to express your positive, loving thoughts. Much like the Browning poem, ‘How do I love thee, let me count the ways,’… it gives you a process for counting the ways you love your partner. In the love note you can talk about things you want to do for your partner, positive attitudes, patience, cooperation, caring, or any other traits that are present but are usually not recognized.” Those notes can then be delivered in a variety of ways: through the mail; placing them in the pockets of dresses or suits; tucked into a briefcase or purse; put under a dinner plate; taped to the car steering wheel; written on the mirror; or placed inside a dresser drawer. This is precisely what Miriam Williams of Gilroy, California did for her husband. She cut out 500 pink paper hearts. On each one she wrote a reason why she loves her husband. “Coming up with five hundred reasons made me look at the daily issues and joys I had overlooked,” she explains. “I taped the hearts on the wall from the bedroom to the dining room, and

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