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10 Ways To Improve Your Marriage

2 Christmas morning, Bob

2 Christmas morning, Bob gave me the yearbook with greetings from all over the country,” Katie Klinger says, with great delight. Through that gracious act, Bob Klinger showed himself to be not only a romantic and sensitive marital partner, but one who knew how to nurture, strengthen and fortify a relationship. Klinger’s unique gift to his wife demonstrated his love for her and his commitment to keeping the marriage vital and energized. He appreciated his partner and their common life together. “There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage,” noted Martin Luther. The truth is that most of us can make a good marriage great. Here are ten effective techniques which any couple can use to make that happen. 1 Make Time for Each Other The simple process of living places many demands on our time—working, parenting, commuting, volunteering, etc. Yet, thriving couples always make their relationship a high priority. Their marriage is not incidental but

central in their lives. However challenging it may be, happy couples find ample ways to spend time together on a consistent basis. In his book, Solid Answers, Psychologist James Dobson cites the lack of time spent together as a “marriage killer.” He issues this warning to couples: “Husbands and wives who fill their lives with never-ending volumes of work are too exhausted to take walks together, to share their deeper feelings, to understand and meet each other’s needs. This breathless pace predominates in millions of households, leaving every member of the family frazzled and irritable. Husbands are moonlighting to bring home more money. Wives are on their own busy career track… and life goes speeding by in a deadly routine.… I see this kind of over commitment as the quickest route to the destruction of the family.” From time to time every couple would be wise to take a “time inventory” by reviewing how the hours of one week are spent. If both partners are simply racing from one activity to another, passing each other in the process, it is time to make changes which free up the schedule to make more time for each other. As you look at your relationship, be certain that there are times daily 3

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