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Medical Miracle

6 • Psalm

6 • Psalm 147:3—“He (God) heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” 3 Focus on Jesus The New Testament reports many incidents in which Jesus was involved in healing the sick. Two examples include Matthew 8:16—“[Jesus] healed all who were sick”; and Mark 1:34—“He [Jesus] healed many who were sick with various diseases.” In his book, The Bible Cure, Reginald Cherry, M.D., notes: “The ministry of Jesus has, as a primary focus, the restoring of health to diseased bodies and tormented souls. Everywhere Jesus traveled in the Gospels, He acted like the Great Physician. In the four Gospels there are forty-one distinct accounts of physical and mental healing (with a total of seventy-two accounts in all, counting all duplications). In many stories, not just one person, but multitudes were healed.” Like the people of the New Testament, place your focus on Jesus and invite Him to bring you healing. Here is a simple prayer to utilize: “Dear Jesus, I know you ministered to all who came to You in earlier times. Today I ask You to look with compassion upon me. Heal me and restore me to complete health, according to Your good and

perfect will. Just as those in times past turned to You for help and healing, I turn to You asking You to bring me health and wholeness in Your perfect time and in Your way.” 4 Focus on the Emotional as Well as the Physical Some physical problems may actually have their roots in emotional issues. Before praying directly for a physical healing, do an internal audit to determine if there are past emotional issues which manifest themselves in physical ways. Ask God to heal those memories and emotional hurts. Agnes Sanford, an authority on prayer and healing, discovered that there are times when healing of the mind must take place before there is healing of the body. She tells of visiting an army hospital shortly after World War II. There she encountered a German born American soldier who had been bed bound for two years. His leg, riddled by shrapnel, was so weakened that it broke easily and frequently. After numerous hospital visits, it was determined that he had a permanent disability and would never regain proper use of his leg. As Sanford befriended the man she calls “John,” she explained to him God’s healing power and asked if she could pray with him. “I prayed for the healing 7

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