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Medical Miracle

10 Consider the case of

10 Consider the case of Keith Mullins, a California businessman. While on a business call another driver collided head-on into his car. Mullins was left in a coma that stretched on for weeks. While in a coma from January through February, hundreds of family, friends and even strangers began to pray for a miracle, which finally came on February 27th. That day Marilyn, his wife of 32 years, held up a photograph of the couple. Mullins slowly reached out and brought the snapshot to his eyes and kissed it. That was the beginning of his recovery, which would take several more months to complete as he learned how to speak and move again. “All the medical staff here said that, ‘if he woke up, it would be a miracle,’” Marilyn remembers. “It has been prayer, prayer, prayer that made this miracle happen!” * * * Although much is being researched, studied and reported on the connection between prayer and healing, ultimately the matter is one of faith. Human reason alone can never fully explain why or how God heals. Our responsibility is to call on God to do the healing and then leave the results up to Him.

The Three Foundations for Biblical Healing 11 In their book, The Faith Factor, authors Dale A. Matthews, M.D., and Connie Clark, cite the following as the three foundations of biblical healing: 1. God Is Love The very nature of God is love. According to the Bible: “God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him”(1 John 4:16). 2. God Loves Us The Bible tells us that God loves us as parents love their children. He yearns for us, broods over us, delights in us—even when we neglect or reject him. 3. God Wants to Heal Us Because God loves us so much, He wants to give us gifts, including health and well-being. Healing is so much a part of God’s nature that the Hebrew word rapha, which means “to cure, to heal, to restore health,” is one of the words used to describe God in scripture; Yahweh-Rapha is a name for God as healer. In the New Testament, the same Greek word, sozo, is used for both “healing” and “salvation,” thereby linking earthly healing with our heavenly destination.

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