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Medical Miracle

12 Prayers for Healing

12 Prayers for Healing and Wholeness “O God, I try to keep a stiff upper lip when I am with others, but secretly I am afraid, dreadfully afraid. “For the moment, I am in a dark valley, a very dark valley. I know that this is where my faith and trust are being tested. I remember that Your beloved and loving Son sweated blood when it seemed death was near, but prayed that the cup might pass if it should be Your good and loving will. “Father, I pray that prayer with Him and trust with Him that You will be with me and that nothing can snatch me from Your hand.” —Bishop George Appleton Almighty and most merciful Father, whose loving kindness is over all Your works; behold, visit and relieve this Your servant who is grieved with sickness. Grant that the sense of her weakness may add strength to her faith, and seriousness to her repentance. And, grant that, by the help of Your Holy Spirit, after the pains and labors of this short life, we may obtain everlasting happiness, through Jesus Christ our Lord: for whose sake hear our prayers. —Samuel Johnson’s prayer offered during a farewell visit to a friend.

13 “Let Your healing light shine, O God. Give doctors unusual skill in the healing arts. Give researchers success in curing diseases. Give counselors insight and healing love. Give pastors discernment and tender compassion. Give social workers courage and boundless hope. “Let Your healing light shine, O God.” —Richard Foster “Lord, in Your mercy and grace, reach out Your hand and heal those that are sick. Restore them to health, deliver them from the sickness they now have. “Heal them in the name of Your only Son; let His holy name be their cure; may it restore them to health and wholeness; by Him may power and glory be Yours, in the Holy Spirit, as they shall be, age after age.” —Serapion of Thmuis “Lord, look down on my infirmities and help me to bear them patiently.” —St. Francis of Assisi

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