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Medical Miracle

4 Here are some ways to

4 Here are some ways to tap into the faith factor for health and healing. 1 Focus on God “There are a few reasons people do not receive God’s help. One is that they really do not expect it,” notes minister and author Norman Vincent Peale. However, those who place their complete focus on God and trust God wholeheartedly learn that He can be counted on to help. This was something Pastor Peale discovered himself. He tells of a time several years ago when he was traveling through central Ohio by train. “For some time, I had been under great strain. Worries and fears were haunting me by day and disturbing my nights. To add further to my unhappiness, a profound sense of failure had cast a heavy pall upon my spirit,” he recalls. He was working on his Sunday sermon but had no enthusiasm or conviction for the project. In desperation he quit writing and bowed his head in prayer. “In my prayer something wonderful happened. In a moment of illumination, like a sudden flash of lightning of a dark night, revealing in clarity a hitherto hidden landscape, I saw into the secret of spiritual power. More importantly, I felt

under me a vast power, like a full, incoming tide lifting a stranded vessel from the shallows. “It was overwhelming and awe inspiring. A great peace settled on my heart, a realization of the presence of God as the source of strength… I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that in that moment, God touched my spirit and took away my weakness, fears, and sins, and gave me strength.” Looking back at those moments, Pastor Peale concludes that the reason for such a powerful answer to prayer was his complete focus on God. “Weary and discouraged by living upon my meager power, I threw myself upon God, saying: ‘Anything you want to do with me is all right. I give my life to You. I am in Your hands’. I had said that often before, and had meant it, after a fashion. But the surrender was not complete,” he says. 2 Focus on Scripture To prepare your mind and body for healing, read, recite and review some of the many scriptures which affirm that God’s intent for us is to be healthy and whole. Some excellent passages include the following: • Exodus 15:26—“I am the Lord who heals you.” • Jeremiah 30:17—“I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord.” 5

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