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Money Management

12 something now and

12 something now and saving for the future adds delight to life.” Keep in mind that saving is made much easier when there is no credit card debt. Avoid using any credit cards unless it is an emergency and then do your best to pay off the balance monthly. Otherwise, you will begin to amass sizeable interest payments on those credit cards. So troublesome is credit card debt that David Bach, author of Smart Couples Finish Rich, declares: “Credit card debt can destroy a marriage. I don’t care how much two people may love each other, if one of them is constantly spending the couple into debt, I can promise you that eventually the relationship will fall apart. If both parties are running up debts, it will simply end much sooner.” He explains that there are two reasons for his strong caution about credit card debt: “First of all, carrying credit card debt is stressful. Knowing that you owe a company money and that you’re being charged as much as 20 percent interest on the outstanding balance will make even the most laid-back person anxious. Second, the anxiety never goes away; it’s there—all day, every day—until the debt is paid off. A stressful relationship is not a happy

13 relationship and unhappy relationships usually don’t last.” 7 Invest Wisely Be sure that what you save is wisely invested where it can grow and produce still more. Remember Jesus’ parable of the talents (Matthew 25) where a master gave money to three different people. Later he checked in with them to see what they had done with it. One of the three simply buried his money in the backyard because he was afraid of losing it. The master was angry saying his behavior was horrible. “[Therefore] you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest,” he declared (Matthew 25:27). If you are not sure about ways of investing, consider working with a financial advisor. “The rich almost always use financial advisors,” notes David Bach. “Eighty-nine per-cent of investors with portfolios worth more than $100,000 prefer to hire a financial advisor. That’s something to think about if you are not yet as rich as you want to be,” he says. “Hiring a financial professional to assist you is not a sign that you are weak