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Single Parenting

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6 her letter: “There are many wonderful children from single-parent families. Children should be judged by who they are, not by some ignorant generalization.” 3 Let the “Village” Help Just because you are a single parent, don’t feel you have to do it all by yourself. Remember the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Reach out and let your “village” help you with raising your child. Consider the positive example provided by one single mother. “I became a single parent when my son, Kenny, was two. I had to work, and Kenny was raised by a ‘village.’ My mother, grandmother, father, brother, sister, and friends all took the time to play an important part in his life.… I am proud to say Kenny, now 13, is an incredible person—an honor student, athletic, musically talented, and popular among his peers. I frequently receive compliments from teachers and other parents about how polite, kind, respectful, and well mannered he is. When I hear those

words, I tell them I wish I could take all the credit but my son is a ‘village’ child.” The lesson: let other important adults in your life become equally important in the life of your child. Included in that extended “family” grouping may be grandparents, other adult siblings, a coach, religious leader, an aunt or uncle, teacher, close friend, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most people recognize the fact that a single parent carries a large load and will gladly assist if a need is made known. You are no less a parent when you reach out and ask for assistance. 4 Tap into the Power of Prayer That wisdom is offered by Steve Horner, the full-time single parent of two boys and author of Single Parenting From A Father’s Heart. He tells of being extremely despondent and emotionally paralyzed shortly after his divorce. “Depression and hopelessness are horrible afflictions. I was in my car on a business trip later that day, still feeling crippled. I spoke right out loud and told God ‘I need help.’ I held 7

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