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Chapter References (continued) Gordon A. Your Sleep Cycle Revealed. Melatonin - Don't lose sleep over it. Sleep hygiene. Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep. htm Smoking Cessation Heart foundation NZ Ministry of Health. (2015). Annual Update of Key Results 2014/15: New Zealand Health Survey. Wellington: Ministry of Health. Tips for quitting. Quitline. Pacific People and Tobacco Smoking In New Zealand. Smokefree Aotearoa NZ 2025 Sore Throats Sore Throat in Adults. Health Navigator New Zealand Sore throats. Medicine Net Strep throat: Causes. Symptoms. tabid/178/vw/1/ItemID/533/Strep-throat-causes-symptoms-treatment.aspx Sore throat Sore Throat Clinics. Ministry of Health. Revised 03/2016 Strains and Sprains Knee Ligament Injuries. Management of acute soft tissue injuries. The “RICED” regimen SPNZ%20RICED.pdf Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in the Treatment of Sports Injury. supplements/nsaids.php R.I.C.E.D. ACC Sprains and strains NIAMS Sprains and Strains. 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CDCBroch_rsgWEB.pdf Vet care Wound Care Leg ulcers. St John. The NZ Wound Care Society. Wound Care. E-Medicine Health. Wound infection in clinical practice. International Wound Infection Institute. 2016. Page 180 HEALTHCARE HANDBOOK 2017-2018 Common Disorders

NUROMOL. A PAIN RELIEVER COMBINATION TO RECOMMEND FOR 4 VERY GOOD REASONS 1 STRONGER PAIN RELIEF *1,2 3 CODEINE FREE 2 LONGER LASTING 4 *1,2 REASONS TO RECOMMEND NUROMOL UNIQUE SYNCHRO-TECH TECHNOLOGY Mean pain relief and intensity differences shown at each time point Mean pain relief (intention and intensity to treat population) differences shown at each time point (intention to treat population) Sum of the pain intensity difference and the pain relief score 2 x ibuprofen 200mg/ codeine 12.8mg 2 x ibuprofen 200mg/ paracetamol 500mg (NUROMOL) 2 x paracetamol 500mg/ codeine 15mg Time (hours) Adapted from Fig. 2 Daniels et al Pain 152 (2011) 632-642. Adapted from Fig. 2 Daniels et al Pain 152 (2011) 632-642. STRONGER FOR LONGER PAIN RELIEF * *vs. Paracetamol & Paracetamol + Codeine in dental pain studies. References: 1. Mehlisch D et al. Clinical Therapeutics 2010;32(6):1033-49 2. Daniels S et al. Pain 2011;152:632-42 Each tablet contains: Ibuprofen 200mg, Paracetamol 500mg. Contra: stomach ulcer, pregnancy 3rd trimester, renal, cardiac or stomach ulcers. Prec: previous history of peptic ulcer, GI bleeds, asthma, cardiovascular disease. Adverse: GI ulcer, bleeding, fluid retention, increased risk of CV event. Use lowest possible dose for shortest period of time. Do not exceed 1200mg ibuprofen/24 hrs. Nuromol maximum of 6 tablets/24hrs. Read pack for dosing details. Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland. 0508 731 234. TAPS DA1628JD

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