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Significant learning opportunity: Wound care Your new Group 3 CPD project Click on the ELearning link to start your project A word from the facilitator My name is Dr Alesha Smith. I have a PhD in pharmacy and public health and I have worked as an academic and research consultant in healthcare for more than 10 years, both in New Zealand and overseas. My research and work focuses on improving patient outcomes through quality use of medicines, guideline development, the use of innovative health IT solutions and extending pharmacy services. From working in the education sector for many years I know that learning to reflect on your practice is new to many experienced pharmacists and it can be difficult and rewarding in equal, or unequal, measure. In conjunction with the Pharmacy Today ELearning team, we are pleased to offer a course that will guide you through the fundamentals of reflective practice and provide you with the tools and material to complete some learning that will help you meet the requirements of a Group 3 CPD project. Our first topic is skin infections. This topic has been chosen to support ACC in their goal of reducing preventable skin infections over the next five years and they need pharmacists help! Group 3 projects require you to undertake activities where an assessment of existing practice (as an individual or within a pharmacy practice), and the needs and barriers to changes in this practice is undertaken prior to the development of a particular activity. As a result, the activity addresses identified learning needs with a reflection post activity to evaluate practice change or outcomes resulting from the activity. This course will give you online tools to assess your areas for learning through the documentation and reflection of patient encounters matched against best practice recommendations. We will then provide you with resources for enhancing your knowledge and activities to help you upskill in a particular area related to preventable skin infections. Following this, we will provide a tool to help you assess and reflect on your learning and document how this has impacted your practice. You will also have the opportunity to find a learning partner or connect with likeminded pharmacists through the use of our online discussion boards and forums. I am looking forward to working with pharmacists from across New Zealand to help you complete a successful and meaningful Group 3 project. Dr Alesha Smith GROUP 3 Project guideline ONE TWO THREE FOUR Assess your areas for learning using patient encounter reflection forms. Advertise for a learning peer Access resources for enhancing your knowledge based on your knowledge gaps Undertake activities to upskill Assess and reflect on your learning and print your learning log

2017-2018 Healthcare Handbook Reference Charts Medicines Safety-----------------------------------------------------183 OTC Medicines: Interactions--------------------------------------184 OTC Medicines: Precautions--------------------------------------191 OTC Medicines: Adverse Effects---------------------------------195 Herbal Supplements: Interactions------------------------------197 Drugs in Sport--------------------------------------------------------206 Drugs in Aviation----------------------------------------------------208 Drugs in Diving-------------------------------------------------------209 Drugs in Pregnancy-------------------------------------------------210 Drugs in Driving -----------------------------------------------------211 NZ Support Groups-------------------------------------------------212 Page 181

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