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16 AT THE TRUCK STOP Presented by Cat Scale, visit Kurt Schultz has been an engineer, served in the military but has always loved trucking Story and photo by Aprille Hanson Special to The Trucker Kurt Schultz, 65, has driven trucks longer than the average driver. Growing up in Texas, he drove grain trucks for local farmers in his youth. “I’ve been around heavy trucks all my life,” Schultz said. Though he’s done everything from serve in the military to working as an engineer, trucking has always been there for him. Schultz is a father of one son and lives in Azle, Texas, located on the eastern border of Eagle Mountain Lake. He drives a 2010 Freightliner Cascadia for Lion Transport out of Batesville, Arkansas and hauls general freight, everything from beer to furniture, he said. He’s done over-the-road from coast to coast and into Canada and Mexico. The company recently switched to more regional routes and he runs the Midwest. While he grew up with trucking, Schultz also spent much of his life following other endeavors. In 1971 he was drafted into the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war, serving about nine years active duty and in the reserves. “They asked for drivers; I knew how to drive a 2 1/2-ton truck, so I would drive for the Army every once in a while,” he said. “I was a kid, 19. I was a weatherman, a weather observer for an Army battalion … I wanted to go home. Everybody was so young over there; nobody took responsibility for anything. It was obvious we weren’t there to win the war. We were there to make money for the big people in Washington.” After his discharge, Schultz worked several years as an engineer in the hydraulic and pneumatic industries. At one of the companies he worked for, “We were instrumental in the duel fuel concept of running your cars off natural gas or gasoline,” he said. … A lot of truck stops are now turning to natural gas [and] they’re all over. These guys are buying their equivalent amount of energy in natural gas for about a dollar a gallon and we’re paying three or four dollars a gallon.” However, he said, “People aren’t going to accept natural gas in their vehicles until they get a whole lot more stations.” In engineering, “you got into every industry in the country,” Schultz said, adding one of the companies he worked for made critical components for NASA’s moon rover. “I was a field engineer. We made special equipment for nuclear generating stations and for all the nuclear power plants and all of our naval ships in this country. I got involved in that and that’s where I made a whole lot of money,” he said. He left in the late 1990s and started his own vending business. Schultz also later worked for the Home Shopping Network in Clearwater, Florida, doing customer service and logistics. In 2007, he had a heart attack while mowing grass for his ex-wife. His choices were limited so he decided to get back into trucking. “I kept my license for years and years,” he said. Schultz said as a native Texan, he enjoys driving through the state because “of the higher speed limits” and is critical of Arkansas, where The Trucker editorial staff is located. “The highway system in Arkansas is not up to par with the rest of the country,” he said. His favorite place to drive is beyond the United States. Even though he enjoys trucking, it’s clear for Schultz that Americans should learn a thing or two from our brothers and sisters to the north. “Canada is better than the United States. The drivers in Canada respect the truckers. You put your signal on, they back off and flash their lights. In America, you put your signal on and they try to pass you,” he said. “American drivers won’t let you in; Canadian drivers do.” 8

“Time is Money” – we hear this frequently, right? But perhaps it’s none truer than it is for folks in the trucking industry. The quicker you can get your shipments delivered safely, the faster you’re on to the next shipment. Squeeze in a few extra loads for the year per truck in your fleet, and your profit margin heads in the direction you want: up. However, cutting corners and trimming time isn’t always possible to do safely and legally. Particularly with the new ELD mandate, Big Brother is watching closely. But what if there was a way to trim off time in the everyday routine your drivers must adhere to? If you could stay within regulations and keep everyone safe but speed things up just a hair in your shipments, would you? A hair here and there for every truck in your fleet adds up quickly. Good news: you can. Saving time — and an improved bottom line — can be accomplished with CAT Scale’s relatively new Weigh My Truck application for mobile devices. Weighing rigs is a time-consuming ADVERTORIAL Time is Money: How CAT Scale is helping fleets and drivers save both axle, trailer axle and total weights. Since payment My Truck app is not only a great and easy way was already prearranged, the scale experi- to purchase scales, it can also help generate more ence is now complete and the driver is on his way revenue for the company and its driver team without ever leaving his rig. Weigh information members by saving on time. Prior to this app, is automatically transferred nightly to the fleet in our drivers were averaging 30 minutes per scaling bulk format. event. In today’s world of trucking, we want Jarrod Carson, fuel program analyst for USA our drivers to utilize their daily clock as much as Truck out of Van Buren, Ark., has implemented possible. Once this app was implemented to our use of CAT Scale’s Weigh My Truck app among fleet, drivers were easily putting 15 hours of driving time back into the month. his fleet. After seeing the results for himself, he CAT half TheTrucker020618.qxp_Layout 1 2/6/18 10:07 AM Page 1 shared his thoughts: “Use of CAT Scale’s Weigh “With the Weigh My Truck app,” continues Carson, “we can purchase a scale at any certified CAT Scale location and avoid purchasing issues that would delay our drivers from getting back on the road.” The Weigh My Truck app is available on the Google Play Store and also the Apple App Store. More information can be found online at www. CAT Scale Company is the world’s leading truck scale network providing guaranteed, accurate weights at over 1,800 locations in the U.S. and Canada. If you could stay within regulations and keep everyone safe but speed things up just a hair in your shipments, would you? but necessary part of smooth sailing on the highways today. CAT Scale has long offered a service that is reliable and guarantees accurate weights. Now, you can enjoy that service for your fleets with an improved speed shaving off upwards of 30 minutes or more per trip. Drivers love the idea of quick ins and outs, as well. After all, saved time to them means more convenience but also more miles and, thus, more money in their pockets. However, they need the support of their fleet managers and/or owners in utilizing the application. Here’s how it works: Drivers sign up for a free account online, establishing method of payment. Here’s where the fleet comes in: rather than drivers paying up front for their scales and then needing reimbursement, fleet managers can authorize the use of Comdata, EFS, ACH or a company credit card as a method of payment. Painless, easy and quick. Drivers download the free Weigh My Truck app to his mobile device. Fleets enjoy office time savings with the Weigh My Truck Fleet Profile and receive a nightly summary of transactions. Also available to fleets is a custom field to capture load or trip number via the app. Once on the CAT Scale, the driver launches his Weigh My Truck app and confirms the location of the scale is correct. His company name, tractor number, trailer number, and commodity type (default here is Freight, All Kinds) will pre-populate from the initial account setup. He/ she can enter an optional trip number and the last step is accepting the scale fee. Once weighing is complete, the weight information populates in the app, notifying the driver of his steer axle, drive Find out more about how this app can revolutionize how you weigh your truck. 1-877-CAT-SCALE (228-7225) | Time is money, and you need to make every minute count. The Weigh My Truck app Now accepting: is the fastest way to weigh. It’s a game changer that streamlines the weighing process and payment all from your mobile device. IT’S THE FASTEST WAY TO WEIGH!