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Technology February 15-28, 2018 • 29 Courtesy: DRIVEWYZE An in-cab signal warns this driver that they are approaching a section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that is known to have caused rollovers. Truck Parking USA forms partnership with routing software firm ProMiles Drivewyze technology used to warn drivers to cut speeds on PA Turnpike THE TRUCKER STAFF DALLAS — A Pennsylvania Turnpike connected-truck pilot program that provides in-cab safety alerts to commercial drivers has helped reduce truck speeds and boost traveler safety on curves and ramps on the PA Turnpike system, according to Drivewyze. In the first six months of a program operated in partnership with Drivewyze of Dallas, the Pennsylvania Turnpike delivered more than 70,000 driver-safety notifications to truck drivers. Last September, truckers who received in-cab notifications reduced their speed 7 percent more than those who did not receive alerts. “Results of the pilot program show the benefits of technology in changing driver habits and improving traveler safety,” said Pennsylvania Turnpike Chair Leslie Richards, who also serves as secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). “This vehicle-to-infrastructure technology is helping us improve safety at no cost to toll-payers by delivering timely alerts when they can alter driving behaviors. “Sadly, driver error continues to be the leading cause of crashes in Pennsylvania and around the country,” said Richards, who is considered a national leader in the adoption of pioneering transportation technology. “Innovations like the Drivewyze alerts offer an opportunity to apply technologies to positively affect driving behavior before a crash occurs.” See Drivewyze on p30 m THE TRUCKER STAFF ARLINGTON, Va. — Truck Parking USA, an online and mobile platform for truck parking facilities, has formed a new partnership with commercial truck routing software company ProMiles. With the integration of ProMiles, Truck Parking USA, available for iOS and Android, now includes a location-based fuel pricing tool so truck drivers can view current retail diesel prices at thousands of truck stop locations while simultaneously considering routes with appropriate commercial vehicle capacities. According to the 2017 “Critical Issues in Courtesy: DTNA A pilot program using the Loadsmart app demonstrated dramatic improvements in the time to process a spot shipment — going from five hours to just 18 minutes on average, Daimler officials said. In addition, carriers received payments in two days instead of 30 days. The Trucking Industry Report” prepared by The American Transportation Research Institute, truck parking and transportation infrastructure are among the top 10 most challenging issues facing the trucking industry. With the addition of ProMiles software to the platform, Truck Parking USA is working to improve difficulties drivers face on the road and helping improve efficiency, according to Niels de Zwaan, managing director. Tried and tested by a community of more than 140,000 truck drivers, Truck Parking USA is the leading resource for drivers looking to find the perfect See Parking on p30 m DTNA launches new digital platform to speed spot load process Courtesy: TRUCK PARKING USA Truck Parking USA’s parking locator allows drivers to find available parking spots before pulling over, maximizing driving while minimizing search time. THE TRUCKER STAFF PORTLAND, Ore. — Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is launching a new digital platform for its contracted freight carriers in the United States to match them with the company’s spot loads using a customized version of an app developed by Loadsmart. “To manufacture trucks, we need carriers to deliver components and parts to our plants,” said Lori Heino-Royer, director of business innovation at Daimler Trucks North America. “Offering a customized app to our contracted carriers gives them first access to our spot business and improves critical points in our supply chain.” Loadsmart, a technology company that specializes in full truckload shipping, offers a platform that helps both carriers and shippers, Heino-Royer said. The Loadsmart platform, available online and through mobile devices, is helping to update the logistics process for spot loads — freight shipments that are outside of regularly scheduled shipments. Loadsmart is helping to take the process from pen and paper and phone calls to a highly efficient digital platform that leverages data and machine-learning technology. DTNA teamed up with Loadsmart to develop a customized version of the platform which was piloted with a small subset of DTNA’s carriers in the autumn of 2017. It demonstrated dramatic improvements in the time to process a spot shipment — going from five hours to just 18 minutes on average. In addition, carriers received payments in two days instead of 30 days. Loadsmart CEO Ricardo Salgado summarized the project results. “We saw Daimler Trucks North America’s participating fleet customers increase their average number of spot loads moved by more than 50 percent and improve their average time to accept, process, and deliver a spot shipment by over 90 percent,” he said. “Working with the largest truck OEM is core to Loadsmart’s vision to build the future of logistics by interconnecting all players in a powerful platform.” Loadsmart is a technology company that specializes in full truckload shipping. Headquartered in New York, Salgado said Loadsmart is leveraging data and machine learning to build artificial intelligence processes into the complex freight brokerage cycle, allowing shippers to book a truckload in five seconds and providing instant and targeted loads to carriers. 8