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2018 27th Annual BC Sportsmen's Show

BC's Largest Sportsmen's Show Official Show Guide


FISHING WITH BOOBIES by David C. Kimble An orange Booby. 18

19 B oobies are uniquely shaped fishing flies designed to bob seductively just off the bottom of a pond or lake, or in very slow-moving rivers and creeks. Invented in England during the ’50s for casting into the abundant ponds and man-made lakes of the English countryside, their basic components are marabou feathers for tails, sparkly chenille for the bodies, and large foam beads for the eyes (which gave them their name). English fly tiers tend to add stick-on eyes to their Boobies, something I haven’t seen done in North America. The most common way to present them is to use a sinking fly line with a short one-metre (three-foot) leader. Cast out and let the line sink completely to the bottom. Retrieve very slowly using short pulls that will cause the fly, which floats slightly above the line, to bob downward with each little twitch.

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