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2018 27th Annual BC Sportsmen's Show

BC's Largest Sportsmen's Show Official Show Guide

Boobies come in many

Boobies come in many colours. Wet Booby flies look considerably more seductive than dry Boobies. This is because the marabou feather tails are sleek and thin when wet, and fluff out when dry. Wet or dry, they resemble nothing in the insect or minnow world in North America – but they really work. Obviously, Boobies are attractor patterns, and presumably, fish just like the look of Boobies either bobbing gently in still water, or slowly undulating down a slowmoving river. The problem for the fish is that in order to be certain it’s something good, they just have to suck it into their mouths. By the time they realize that it’s merely feathers and chenille, they also discover the hook, and then it’s simply too late for the fish. In English ponds, anglers tend to cast them as far out into a pond as they can, place the rod in a rod holder, and then sit back in a camp chair until a fish bites. They really do catch fish that way. We impatient North American anglers prefer to constantly play with our Boobies, usually casting and retrieving (often far too quickly), and then casting again. Personally, I have found that after the line has completely settled on the lake bottom, a retrieve of about 10 to 13 centimetres (four to five inches) every five or six seconds produces well for rainbow trout, eastern brook char, and smallmouth bass. Black Boobies are probably my favourite for rainbows, char, and smallmouth bass; however, I’ve caught fish at certain times using green and sometimes orange versions. I did well with some pink Boobies that a friend on Vancouver Island had tied for me, casting from shore to schools of pink salmon while fishing between Qualicum Beach and Campbell River. I even caught a nice coho salmon There should be room for Boobies in everybody’s fly box. once using a pink Booby while wading the incoming tide. A guide on the Harrison River showed me how to cast pink and purple Boobies with a sink tip fly-line to catch numerous chum salmon. I laughed when he attached a 30-pound-test leader to my fly line; however, he got the last laugh when I hooked a male chum weighing about nine kilograms (20 pounds). It took me more than 30 minutes to get it close enough to the boat to release. That was definitely the most exciting time I ever had with Boobies. Like many attractor flies in our arsenals (Doc Spratleys and Red Palmers as examples), a Booby’s look and bouncing-action near the bottom of a pond or lake are just too much for a hungry, fast-growing fish to resist. In British Columbia, anglers are only legally allowed to use one fly on the line; however, in areas where anglers are allowed to tie on multiple flies, they often use a Booby on top and a nymph on the bottom. The poor fish might just be attracted to the Booby, but if the fish passes it up, the nymph will hook it most of the time. 20

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