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TOP DROP THE RETRIEVER GOLDEN ALE Sick Puppy Brewery WHEN SLOTHS CRY GOLDEN ALE Merchant Brewing Co BLUE SKY IPA Sunshine Brewery BELGIAN WHITE Blue Moon What a find and what a magic drop. It is gluten reduced but this has certainly not diminished the flavour at all. The lightest in colour, this Blonde Ale mixes a traditional Aussie hop with some new world flavour. We expect, and sure hope to hear, a lot more from this Gladstone based craft brewery. Another nice surprise and again, a very nice drop indeed. Crisp, dry golden ale layered with Australian, US and European hops. A clean malt body with a subtle bitterness, with aroma of citrus, white wine and tropical fruits. It’s quite bitter for a golden ale but certainly goes down easy. She is bitter with a big punch of passionfruit. This one will really knock your socks off. This is a super strong hop-forward beer with aromas of sweet passionfruit and grapefruit layered on a strong malty backbone. A medium-bodied Belgian style wheat beer in the same vein as Hoegaarden but just not as good. Flavours of malt blended with hints of coriander and orange peel make for a refreshing beer. QHA REVIEW | 46

TOP DROP PALE ALE Sample GOLDEN ALE Bridge Road Brewers GIN Death’s Door BARREL-AGED GIN Barossa Distilling Company A mild aroma of fruit and malt. Soft mouth feel with stonefruit and faint citrus notes that don’t overpower the beer. Nice bitter finish, quite refined. It is a refreshing, respectful nod to American Pale Ales that is not out of the ordinary but very enjoyable nonetheless. Not overly complex, but refreshing. The Bridge Road Brewers Golden Ale uses all Australian pale malts and aromatic hop varieties. Aroma of crisp biscuity malt. Taste of tropical fruits and hints of pale malt. Crisp, smooth and light but somewhat safe. Death’s Door Gin takes its name from the most treacherous waterway in the Great Lakes, separating Washington Island from the Door County peninsula in northern Wisconsin. It is a London Dry style of gin distilled in the Wisconsin town of Middleton. It is made up of a simple mix of three botanicals: juniper berries, coriander and fennel seeds. This balanced blend has seen it become extremely popular with bartenders across the US who consider it to be a soft, versatile gin. Single Batch handcrafted Gin, aged in an oak barrel that had previously held Shiraz and then Tawny Port before being cut down to 100 litres and re-charred by a Barossa Cooper. It has characteristics of a Speyside Style single malt but is still very much a Gin. Recommended to drink as a gin with a dash of dry ginger and a squeeze of fresh lime or as a whisky over ice. QHA REVIEW | 47