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VIRTUAL REALITY IS TRANSFORMING ARCHITECTURE IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRY QHA REVIEW | 54 Brand + Slater Architects has been using Virtual Reality (VR) technology as part of our design process for a number of years, transporting hotels into a fully immersive 3D environment of their proposed building projects, before being built. When you first think of VR, there’s a few things that may come to mind (The Matrix, Star Trek, nerdy gamers who spend all their spare time immersed in a virtual world…). Today though, VR has so much potential for architects and our clients. From initial design mockups, to project collaboration, through to the finishing touches like material finishes and lighting, VR’s use in the design process is powerful. Here’s how: COMMUNICATING DESIGN IDEAS BETTER THAN EVER It takes years of experience to have the ability to read architectural drawings. A well-rendered 360° image combined with a VR headset allows our clients to stand in an authentic environment and look around in the same way you do in the real world. Tilt your head up and you see your ceiling and lighting design, look straight forward and you see your reception and feature-wall, tilt to the right and view the main foyer entrance, and looking down you see your selected flooring in vivid detail. FEELING THE SPACE VR offers a person a better sense of spatial awareness than any other technology we’ve ever had access to before. Being fully immersed in the model means you get a real sense of scale. Our clients can not only see what’s been created, they can “feel” what it is like to be in that space. Conveying this feeling to clients can often be one of the hardest parts of a project for an architect or designer, again speeding up the process and easing communication. REAL-TIME FEEDBACK Our clients can navigate the space and critique it simultaneously prior to breaking ground on site. This means less time going back and forth revising designs, with feedback and revisions happening in real-time while you walk through your project. CREATE EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING MATERIALS There has never been a better tool than VR to get people excited about your building project and set it apart from others. Virtual walk-throughs of hotel redevelopments and refurbishments from the architectural perspective can be easily translated into digital content to be posted online or offered as a VR experience for customers inhouse. Want to know more? Visit us at Stand 262 at the 2018 AHG Expo to test out our VR technology for yourself!

AHG EXPO SHOWCASE A DYNAMIC DISPLAY FOR THIS YEAR’S AHG TRADESHOW, AINSWORTH GAME TECHNOLOGY WILL PRESENT ITS PRODUCTS IN A DYNAMIC BOOTH, WHERE THE AUDIENCE WILL BE OFFERED A COMPELLING GAME CONTENT DISPLAY ON THE FULL LINE OF INNOVATIVE CABINETS, INCLUDING THE EVO AND A640®. BUILDING THE LIBRARY Several new brands can also be seen on the dualscreen EVO including Fire Power, Fire Power Jackpots, Big Hit Bonanza Jackpots, Jackpot Strike and Year of the Dog Deluxe. These game series offer new play mechanics and math models, along with improved sound and art packages, to take EVO content to the next level. PAC-MAN FEVER PAC-MAN WILD EDITION continues to perform! The iconic PAC-MAN character is one of the most recognisable figures in arcade game history and was the basis for the most successful arcade game of all time. Ainsworth will display this outstanding Standalone Progressive Multi-Denom in the A640® cabinet. PAC-MAN WILD EDITION offers players all the excitement of the classic arcade game. The game features a thrilling free games feature, a Wheel Spin feature and a progressive jackpot. Throughout the game, PAC-MAN makes appearances offering players wilds and other fun ways to win. In addition to PAC-MAN WILD EDITION, among the titles on display for the A640® will be the exciting new games Stacked Up and King Kong. Additionally, entirely new brands like Redbeard Riches, Cards of Cash, Triple Challenge and The Cash-O-Tron will debut at the show. These games take full advantage of the stunning A640®, which features optimal viewing on a 40-inch high-definition LCD game screen and an attractive design creating powerful game experiences with eyecatching game art. The cabinet comes standard with a touchscreen LCD button deck and a mechanical “bash button” to combine the ease of new technology with the excitement of traditional slot play. An optional 21.5-inch LCD topper will attract players across busy gaming floors. Be sure to visit Ainsworth at AHG 2018! For more information, jump on their website or alternatively contact your local Sales Executive on (07) 3209 6210. QHA REVIEW | 55