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LOCAL PARTIES 1. New Year, January 1 st . 4. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday, third Monday of January. 2. Independence Day, July 4 th 5. Labor Day, first Monday in September. 3. Albuquerque International hot air Balloons, October 6 th to 14 th 6. Meeting of the Nations, the Powwow Indigenous Native American, in April.

FLAG “The Duke City”, 4 cardinal points, harmony of all things of nature and universe, circle of time, the 4 times a do 4 stages of life. Zia symbol represents a circular zone with linear rays extending in four directions. FLORA AND FAUNA The Flora is neartic and neotropical, the Colla Tubular is representative of the region, blue spruce, cone pine, shrubs, oaks, wildflowers and Alamos.

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