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The Fauna, the animal

The Fauna, the animal that represents them is the American Black Bear, there are mountain lions, rams, maroons, marmots, coyotes, roadrunners, rattlesnakes and coralillos.

1) Name of he mountains of Albuquerque 2) State of New Mexico 3) Emblematic animal of Albuquerque 4) Color flag of Albuquerque 5) month in which the festival of aerostatic balloons is celebrated ALPHABET SOUP E S E P T E M Y E L B A U D I A B E R R K L Q U Q X A I D N A S A W O L E S B A E I Y C O C T O U B E E R I K L A I D N Q R A E Y B L B L A C N R B E A E E Q U E R Q Y U I I A Y A R A O C T O B E R S A N Y S D I A U L R A R E Y U O Y Y E A A My experience in Albuquerque was incredible. I will like to go again because it is awesome to take class with new teachers, with new classmates, in another country, and see that you understand the language. It is indescribable the emotions that you feel when you stay with a family that loves you like if you were her daughter.

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