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PERSONAL STATEMENT My ambition to become an Architect started at a young age. I have always been particularly interested in painting sceneries and buildings around Singapore and this is where I began noticing the Architecture around me. I realized that Architecture has an impact in many ways to a society – social, economical, cultural. I hope one day, I can contribute to the society through architecture. In 2014, I participated in an national sustainable architecture competition in URA Singapore. It was an enriching experience speaking with students and teachers from many different schools. It was truly an eye-opener for me, and sparked my interest in Architecture further. Apart from academics, I am highly active in school and I represented my faculty as a group leader during Freshman Orientation programme, and I have shared many experiences with juniors who are interested in Architecture. I look forward to school life and enjoy leading in school activities. With my Diploma and working experiences, I am ready to take on the next stage which is to pursue an internship in Architecture. I am especially interested on the design and sustainability part of architecture and I hope to be able to learn more about it.

YEAR ONE My very first architecture project was to create a model through dots, lines and planes. From a point, to 2D drawing and to a 3-Dimensional model, it was a huge breakthrough for me as I could not picture past a 2D diagram initially. It was demanding, but the outcome was satisfying – and this, is what architecture is. Located in a conserved area of Singapore, this project allows me to amalgamate culture and architecture together. Using the concept of reminiscence, the circulation was designed in a way to view the city through different views and experience what our forefathers has been through, through a series of ramps. staircase.

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