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Its All About PRODUCT

Its All About PRODUCT REVIEWS J10 Looking for a way to feel like a high roller when you chief on your favorite cannabis? Look no further, Empire Rolling Papers has got you covered with their all Natural, and Non-GMO rolling papers which almost perfectly resemble that of a hundred dollar bill. Made with non-toxic vegetable paper, vegetable oil coloring and organic sugar glue, these papers are a fun addition to any smoke sesh sure to impress. The Benny Papers burn very smooth and strong while giving your joint extra length and density then traditional papers. The only minor set back is the glue can cause a slight difficulty while rolling, though I don’t see it as a complaint or problem since it is made from natural sugar which I prefer over anything artificial or potentially toxic. They are available in the Original Benny Pack which is two wallets (10 papers each, 20 total), the Classic Benny Pack four wallets (10 papers each, 40 total) and the Benny Box 24 wallets (10 papers each, 250 total). Each wallet also contains 10 tips, one per paper and all wallets are resealable. Each time I have ordered through Empire Papers, I received great customer service as well as my orders in a timely fashion. I highly recommend these papers as a fun and organic edition to your smoking experience. And on a real note, who doesn’t want to SMOKE LIKE A BOSS, like Rick Ross?

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