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J12Product Review

Recently, while attending the Emerald Cup, GreenLeaf was gifted, by the generous folks at Ras Boss, a beautiful 24 k gold covered cannabis flower pendant dawning a fire opal. Naturally we had to let our readers know about their amazing products! Ras Boss in an innovating jewelry company whom uses REAL strain specific cannabis flowers, leaves and seeds. Each base is carefully selected from the finest cannabis strains, and then either dipped or carefully placed in 24 carat gold and finally dressed with a perfectly placed fire opal, or other crystal. The current jewelry options they have available are all hand crafted on-of-a-kind pieces which include 24k Cannabis Leaf Pendants that feature a cannabis leaf, 24k gold background and depending on the specific pendant, a crystal and or the same strain’s seed(s). The second options we previously touched upon are cannabis nugs which are dipped in a 24k gold covering adorned with a fire opal. Though they do have pre-made and selected pieces by the company’s designers, there is also an option for custom pendants available. Their custom pieces can be done varying color, sizing and styling as well has choice or gemstones as well as accommodating individuals who wish to use their own genetics as well. The custom leaf pieces can also be engraved with messages, strain, collective or company names, all you have to do is contact them at info@rasboss. com. Ras Boss jewelry make for an amazing gift any cannabis-enthuisat, as well as a way to preserve your favorite cannabis plant in time! J13

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