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Invincible Spirit: The

Invincible Spirit: The Refusal To Be Broken By A System That Is Lauren C. Moore J16 Photography by Richard Marks

Noa Lakshmi is a beloved astrologist, yoga teacher, and author among a worldly yet interconnected spiritual community. So when she and her partner were popped in Pennsylvania for 119 pounds of cannabis in September 2017, people from across the globe began clamoring to see what could be done to support their release. she shares the depths of how she has been navigating the experience. - are exploited and transported in and out of the States every day, yet Noa and her partner have been accused and penalized for the charges of delivering plants on one account. Her perspective is rich in trusting the highest aspects of the self in the face of systemic targeting and adversity. So glad to hear from you Noa, and so grateful that you are free! Thank you, Lauren. The case is not closed yet, but the funny thing is that no matter where we I would love to start with your healing work and your relationship with cannabis. Are you able to speak to that at all? story. I have much appreciation for the plant itself because I appreciate plants in general, and medical perspective, a spiritual partake in the plant myself on a my healing work. So what happened? It was an opportunity that was presented to us. We were in Oregon where I have lots of friends that do grow this plant. My partner and I were up there this summer after the eclipse and we ended up staying a little bit longer when the opportunity was presented to us to transport some product across the coun- in how I ended up in that situation. And you were pulled over for just cruising in the left lane? Yeah, that was the reason for the stop. Apparently in Penn- more than 2 miles in the left lane share more about that when the case is closed, but that was the reason for the stop. Though we just an excuse to pull us over. What parts of your personal experience are you interested in sharing with the cannabis community? my personal experience…I feel just as a human community, we can all relate to the unexpected, the unpredictable, the hardships that are brought to us, into our lives – especially the unexpected ones. still the possibility that I might need to be back there…The sys- ed right now with people that are sitting in jail for even just smok- is being sold to anybody pretty much, and tobacco, cigarettes, things that are a lot harsher and a lot more destructive than cannabis are being sold in stores while cannabis is still being treated as this horrible drug. that the plant itself, cannabis, is really asking for us to stand together in this and bring some change – which has started already. With the legalization of cannabis, there comes a lot of warning mass-produced, the sacredness of the plant is like anything else – just like we see with the food industry being demolished. So attention to. J17

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