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Photography by Richard Marks J18 It’s amazing to maintain such a high perspective when the system finds any mundane excuse to bring you down. Well that’s exactly what I’m being asked to do, to rise to this occasion. It’s very interesting and not a coincidence…Just a month and a half before we were arrested, I published my first book talking about self-mastery, talking about soul’s journey and how to live from a higher perspective and everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Writing about all this and self-mastery and loving one’s self – ALL the things I wrote about in my book – a month and a half later, BOOM! In my face, here you go Noa, practice what you preach. Like to the T. I’m doing the best I can to move through the situation with the most amount of grace that I can…I’m not gonna bail out when things get hard, right? Totally. Are you considering writing a follow-up book? People have been asking me that and suggesting that…It’s been in my awareness to write about this. If it’s not a book, it’s definitely now going be a part of my work and what I share with people. I had a plan after the trip cross-country; the plan was to go on a book tour. I’m taking everything as a blessing. This is a detour, and I trust the timing of it all. Now, when I do go on my book tour, and when I do share my story, there’s this whole other level, a whole new layer to share with this perspective to speak from, as somebody that has really gone through a shocking, harsh experience – and rises up from the ashes despite the circumstances. When we zoom out, when we see the blessings in disguise, then there’s sweetness to every experience, no matter how bitter it tastes in the moment. It’s incredible that you’re able to align the whole experience of writing this self-mastery book and really having to apply it. I’ve gone through the entire spectrum of the human experience of feeling like a victim, feeling angry at God, blaming myself because I had several intuitive hits regarding this that I didn’t listen to – so I definitely went through the experience of beating myself up and then coming around to – wait a second. I really need to love myself NOW more than any other time in my life. This is NOT the time for me to go into self-blame, victimhood, or anything that is going to take me down a very

dark road. And that’s the time where I could practice my ability to bring myself back into the light because there’s so much darkness – especially during that week and a half I was in prison. It was the darkest pit I’ve ever experienced of my environment – my internal environment, my external environment. Everything was so dark and it’s so easy to get pulled into that darkness. Writing a book about self-mastery where I am still getting practice and ability to bring myself back into the light…it’s all being sourced from within. There are definitely external sources that are helping. The amount of support, of love that I’ve been receiving from friends, from family, has been a massive help and light at the end of the tunnel. So I am forever grateful for so many angels in my life. Alongside that, it’s been my own practice of okay, self-mastery – I’m being pulled to that like no other time in my life. What advice might you have for others who might find themselves in similar situations to actually find that light within when it feels so far away? so caught up in the hustle, or some singular aspect of the cannabis world in general. It’s so easy to be blindsided and forget that it is all interwoven – and we can witness the cyclical perfection just within the plant itself. And it’s so beautiful how your perspective is really what shapes this story and makes it so profound. I believe that every plant medicine, at the end of the day, just like every religion, has the same exact message. Cannabis being a heart medicine, very expansive, shows us that in our connectivity of this reality, that it really wants to bring us back to a place of Love…back into our hearts, into the bigger perspective of life, the higher mind. It opens us up that way. * To keep up with Noa Lakshmi and find her book, see her info below. Noa’s story sheds a brilliant light on the dark truths of a suppressive system. Her courageous grace reminds us all of the integrity that cannot be stripped away if we do not allow it to be. One of the things I talk about in the book is faith in God. I see God not from the religious perspective – to me, God is just life, is love. We are not separate from that. To some degree, when we look in the mirror, we say, “I’m looking at God!” because we all are. Not from a narcissistic point of view, like, “I’M GOD!” but who we are beyond what meets the eyes, there’s a soul. That, to me, is God. It’s everything. Everything, everything, EVERYTHING – and everyone. There’s such beauty and harmony in life and that’s the beauty of astrology, of natural law, of natural cycles of life, where it’s all being orchestrated so perfectly. We don’t need to do anything about it. We know there’s not even a question of “I believe.” It’s “I know the Sun is gonna rise in the morning and it’s gonna set at night.” Even though it’s chaos, there’s a cyclical order within all this chaos. That’s where I draw my faith from…I know and I don’t doubt that the Sun is going to rise – why would I doubt the beauty and harmony and the cyclical order in my life? So inspiring because I think a lot of people get Connect to Noa & Her Line of Work Master Your Life with Love available on Amazon or her website, YouTube Channel Noa Lakshmi Instagram @ noalakshmi Support Noa & her partner’s cause: supportourfreedom J19

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