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What’s Inside Page 9 Page 10 Strain Review: CB Dream by Kaitlyn Buckley Product Review: Empire Rolling Papers. by Kaitlyn Buckley 9 Page 12 Page 16 Product Review: Ras Boss by Kaitlyn Buckley Invincible Spirt: The Refusal to be Broken by a System That is by Lauren C. Moore 16 Page 22 Feature: The Saltwater Cowboy How the Saltwater Cowboy Won the Wild, Wild War on Drugs Lauren C. Moore 22 Page 32 BOCA Edibles and Infustions Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe by BOCA Page 36 The Year in Mass Cannabis: As Expected, the Struggle Continues in the Recreation Era by Mike Crawford 32 J4 Page 40 Event Recap: The First Annual East Coast Cannabis Conference Puts Portland, Maine on the Map by Kassie Kristoff 40

Greenleaf Magazine Brett Cogill Founder Editors Kaitlyn Buckley Editor Anna Coletti Assistant Editor Photography: Jerry Krecicki Photography Sly Vegas Photography Jennifer Correia @JENuimeVISION Writers: Mike “Cann” Crawford Mark Ward Lauren C. Moore Kassie Kristoff Eddie Funxta SNAFU Cover Photography by Travis Caldaro J5

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