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Strain Review by Kaitlyn Buckley Lineage: JE x Funta Kush x Harlequinn CB Dream Breeder: Funxta West Coast aka Don’t Panic Organix Sativa/Hybrid/Indica: 80/20 Indica Dominate Hybrid 12% CBD 8% THC Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks, End of September Outdoors Yield: High 500 m/g2 Height: 6’ - 8’ Feet Outdoors As someone who suffers from anxiety, strains like the CB Dream, which are high in CBD. The CB Dream has a a very relaxing body effect, without any sense of paranoia or over active brain activity. This strain for me, is medicinal as well as something I can take at any- Though some may prefer to use this strain at night. It helps relieve pain, calms stress, increases appetite, while all an all being uplifting in mood, without any couch lock effects. The strong long term effect is ideal for patients after indulging in her piney, fruity taste and fragrance. CBDream tends to grow compact and bushy, lacking the aggressive leaf growth trait that Kush plants and deep red hairs. I personally have only grown this strain indoors thus far, I could see it doing great great addition to any garden and for any level of experience. J9

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