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property ministry I was

property ministry I was recently talking to the new mechanic of the garage across the road from the church. He commented on how busy the place was, there are people and cars coming and going constantly. You occasionally hear the comment from people that church buildings are underutilised – that is certainly not the case for our buildings. We get regular enquires from the community, most of which we have to say “sorry it is already booked”. To keep everything running smoothly takes a fair bit of work from a variety of people, from keeping the inside clean – thanks Luke, to furniture removal – thanks to various muscular men!!, to making sure the tech stuff is up to scratch – thanks Dave and Declan, to beautifying the gardens and arranging flowers – thanks Jocelyn and Pauline, to the never-ending challenge to keep the leaves under control – thanks Eric. Over the last couple of years we have done some significant upgrades on the toilets, both in the Auditorium and then the crèche, and our upgrade of the sound system. This year we have had a quieter year. We finished off some painting in the auditorium, had the hall roof painted, and sorted out a few behind the scene electrical issues, including a replacement data projector when the one in the chapel died. (Thanks TECT – simply the best!!) But we have been preparing for our next bigger project – the upgrade of the Hall and replacing the seating in the Auditorium. Hall Upgrade. We have been getting quotes together for this and working through what and how much needs to be done. The goal is to have a hall that can be used for hospitality, for weddings and funerals etc, but be functional enough for our children’s/youth ministry and badminton. The walls need to be reclad and the ceiling needs to be replaced and new lights installed. We have been considering if we need to replace the window frames at the same time or just tidy them up. The conclusion (at this stage) is that until we do some long term property planning, we propose we just tidy them up. And even then before we start any recladding we need to ensure the hall is compliant with the new earthquake strengthening rules. At this stage the costs for the new ceiling and wall reclad is looking to be $. Auditorium Chairs. We have been aware for a number of years that the chairs are beginning to 18

show the signs of old age (it happens to the best of us!!). With time the particle board absorbs moisture and begins to break down – our current chairs are about 30 years old, so we have had a good run out of them. Every week or two we have another chair where the back falls off, screws fall out, and they can only be repaired so many times. Thankfully we have a number of spares that keep us going and yes, if necessary we could keep going for a few years yet, but they are certainly getting past there ‘use by date’ and we do need to do something about it before it gets embarrassing. The cost to replace a seat is $40-$60 and we need at least 400. Finances If we did both of these projects the total cost would be $. We have the opportunity to borrow this amount at less than 1% interest over 10 years. With building costs increasing at a higher rate that this we suggest doing this as soon as possible. And if we can raise some additional money through special donations and grants then that will make it even easier. By refinancing our current loans and repayments, the increase in weekly costs to us would only be about $. We recommend we do this and you will see it is included in the budget figures. If you have questions concerning these proposals then please contact Brian Cochran or Tim Bloomfield. Finally, many thanks to those who help make these things possible through gifts of time and money which makes the church budget go so much further! If you are able to assist in any way, large or small, to the ongoing work of maintaining our church please contact myself or one of the Pastors. A week in the life of our church buildings Monday – OSCAR before school, ESOL Bible study, Kangatraining, OSCAR after school, ICONZ, Tuesday – OSCAR before school, Badminton, Soul Purpose, Continuing education, Fuse Drumming tuition, OSCAR after school, Wednesday – OSCAR before school, Communion Service, Learning links, Play Therapy, OSCAR after school, Thursday – OSCAR before school, Mainly Music, OSCAR after school, Hope Centre Friday – OSCAR before school, Badminton, Mums Group, Play Therapy, OSCAR after school, Youth Group Saturday – Men’s Breakfast Sunday – Church service etc, prayer group, Seminars And of course various one off bookings for concerts and functions. 19

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