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Annual report1

with a surplus we are

with a surplus we are pretty happy with how things have been going, so thanks for your support and generosity. The administration aspect of the church continues to tick along very smoothly. This is primarily because we have good procedures in place and staff who are well suited to their roles and keen to serve the church in whatever way they can. Tim Bloomfield is the back bone of the financial side along with Ashley Birkbeck. This year has had a lot of new reporting procedures to get their mind around with requirements for the NZ charities commission. You will see our reporting format has changed a bit – this is just to make it more compatible with these requirements. Lorilee de Jong has been on maternity leave for the last half of the year but Margi Baldwin seamlessly stepped in to continue the work. Thanks Margi and welcome back Lorilee. We sometimes need to remind ourselves that the church is still primarily a volunteer organisation and at a quick count we have nearly 100 adults who serve the church in some way or another. That is just those serving within the church, we are very aware that there are many volunteer hours outside the church. Last year we had a reasonable increase in budget primarily due to employing Matt for an extra day a week. It was very pleasing to see that we coped with that very well. It wasn’t until the end of the year that we got a bit behind budget. Fortunately we had been careful with expenditure as well, underspending in all areas. While we budgeted for a deficit of $7,060, we ended the year with a smaller deficit of $4,214. So while it would have been nice to finish the year Budget 2018 (see pages 22-25 for full presentation) The Leadership continues to walk a very careful line between a budget of faith and a budget that reflects the reality of last year’s giving. As you will see there is a reasonable increase in the budget this year. Most of it is simply cost of living increases (including putting our office staff on the living wage) plus a couple of new areas of spending; supporting Rory and Faye Birkbeck as they continue to establish Safe Surfer and the appointment of Luke Stainton as an intern who will work with our youth as part of his teacher training. This all adds up increasing the weekly budgeted giving from $7,317 to $7,710. We realise that this is going to be a challenge that might take some time to reach. However with Brian concluding around Easter, there is likely to be a gap before replacing him, this will ensure we will be able to make ends meet in the interim. However the bottom line is we still need to lift our giving if we want to pay the bills and fulfil the vision that we believe God has given us. We are in the process of looking at re financing our loans in order to finance the Hall upgrade and the purchase of new seating in the Auditorium. However if you are in a position to out with a lump sum gift for the hall upgrade or can help by buying a chair or two (or three) that you sit on, that would be really helpful!! We know this might be possible for some, impossible for others. We will continue to be careful with expenditure but we hope and pray that we will see God provide once again. 20

Statistics For those of you who like statistics, here are some for you to mull over. Year ending 31/8 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 Active Partners 147 143 140 138 149 Non Resident 10 11 7 9 5 Total 157 154 147 147 154 Average Attendances 31/8 Adults 143 141 132 152 158 Children 46 45 46 44 43 Total 189 186 178 196 201 Roll Numbers as at 31/12 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 Crèche 0-2 13 12 11 10 14 Wonder Kids 3-5 19 19 18 14 12 Jigsaw 6-10 34 38 42 39 43 Intermediate 24 15 14 14 14 High School 33 29 35 23 26 Small/Ministry Groups 118 104 117 121 99 Communion service 31 29 31 30 31 Total Active Data Base 427 399 403 389 385 Baptisms – Sadly none this year – let’s hope and pray that this is just one bad year. Please continue to share your faith story and pray that people will encounter Jesus and will want to make this declaration of faith. Deaths—We also remember those from the OBC family who have gone to be with the Lord in 2017; Margaret Lincoln, Ruby Seaton, Viv Ensor and Maureen Payne. Reading Club @ ...Continued from page 17 Brookfield Primary About 3-4 years ago we were asked if we could help out with an idea for a reading club at Brookfield Primary. The idea is that a number of us turn up at the school library at 8.30am for 30 mins and listen to children read. We currently have about 10 of us on various days of the week giving our time to read with students. It is just fantastic to walk in to the library in the mornings to see the smiles, hear the reading aloud and listen to the encouraging comments. The school says the reading levels have improved dramatically. They have been so impressed they have helped set up the same concept at the local marae—so our ministry is multiplying!! This year we also ‘blessed’ the teachers of the school with a special morning tea. Thanks Janette Fairhall for making that happen. The Admin Team Margi Baldwin, Julia Ross, Ashley Birkbeck, Neil Griffith, Tim Bloomfield and Brian Cochran 21

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