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Annual report1

2017 Finances and 2018

2017 Finances and 2018 Budget Budget 2017 Actual 2017 Budget 2018 Income Giving income $380,504 $366,420 $400,968 Facility Hire $12,000 $13,922 $13,000 Other income $11,734 $19,494 $15,652 Total Income $404,238 $399,836 $429,620 Less Operating Expenses Mission Global Mission $37,748 $37,789 $32,747 Self Denial $5,000 $5,532 $5,000 Local Mission $6,816 $4,502 $13,924 Baptist Network Support $15,500 $15,293 $15,516 Total Mission $65,064 $63,116 $67,187 Discipleship Children $5,004 $4,827 $5,004 Youth $2,508 $1,325 $2,504 Adult $2,988 $2,143 $3,084 Worship $4,236 $3,993 $4,252 Total Discipleship $14,736 $12,288 $14,844 Admin and Facilities Property $35,560 $35,302 $39,003 Church office $21,264 $20,967 $19,164 Debt Service $15,900 $15,900 $15,900 Total Admin and Facilities $72,724 $72,169 $74,067 Personnel Wages and allowances $251,914 $252,506 $267,288 Support costs $6,860 $4,829 $6,448 Intern $0 $0 $4,000 Total personnel $258,774 $257,335 $277,736 Total Operating Expenses $411,298 $404,908 $433,834 Net Profit/loss -$7,060 -$5,072 -$4,214 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE 2018 BUDGET PLEASE CONTACT TIM BLOOMFIELD OR BRIAN COCHRAN AT THE OFFICE 22

Budget comments Mission Church Missionary Support Our desire is be a missional church and to make an impact in the world and we strive to give a high priority to reaching those outside of the church. While a significant proportion of our ministry is to our immediate community, God continues to call our people to serve him outside our local church both here in NZ and overseas. We have a number of people who are part of our church family, serving with mission organisations here in NZ and around the world. They include Dale and Anthony (Malaysia/Vietnam), Julie (Nepal), Mike and Glenda (Cambodia). We also provide support for a couple of national workers; Tuktar in Thailand and Sukhen in Bangladesh, and give to help in the area of church-planting through International Needs. You will note that the amount has decreased this year. This is due to moving John and Jackie Paine support into the local mission budget as they are primarily working locally. Tranzsend – Self-denial The Self-denial event is the way OBC joins over 220 other Baptist churches in supporting Missions. By working with other churches we are able to be part of an effective mission organisation. Tranzsend supports work around various countries in Asia. Gay Cochran works for Tranzsend with the responsibility of pastoral care of the overseas workers. While we have a budgeted amount here, it is a goal we strive for (and usually reach). Whatever comes in during this special appeal is what will be forwarded on. Last year we raised $5532. Local Mission This is an area that we are always developing. If we are going to impact our community we are going to need to put some money into it. Many of our established community outreach ministries are self-funding and only operate with a huge amount of time and energy from volunteers invested, however it often takes a bit to get them to that stage. A number of our people are involved with the Good Neighbour Trust and specifically Food Rescue headed up by John and Jackie Paine. We also support the work of Cool Bananas in 18 primary schools and we have continued to support the Hope Project. The budgeted amount has increased primarily due to moving John and Jackie Paine’s support from Global missions and the support of Rory and Faye Birkbeck developing Safe Surfer. Other ministries that fall into this category, but don’t necessarily draw any money are; the ESOL group lead by Roger and Anne Chambers. Mainly Music, a gathering of around 30-40 children with parents and caregivers involving music, singing and dancing. Other outreach activities include Brookfield Primary Reading club, Iconz and Badminton. Each year we contribute to the Tauranga Foodbank and most of our help in this area is coordinated through this very effective structure. However on occasion there are people within our church family or within our community who face urgent needs. Food parcels, medical bills, counselling costs and sometimes accommodation costs, are just some of the ways we are asked to help. We have what we call a Mercy Fund which enables us to respond to the various needs that come to us. Sometimes it is given as a gift, other times as a loan. We also support the Hospital Chaplaincy work at the Tauranga Hospital. Baptist Network Support We are part of a wider family of Churches, the Baptist Churches of New Zealand and BOP Assn. We benefit from being part of this family in numerous ways. Being a larger church we are able to help smaller churches 23

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