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within the Baptist family and together we can make an impact on New Zealand. It was only a few years ago we as a church needed the help and support of this network. Jan Ozanne works part-time for the BOP Baptist Assn helping and supporting churches in the area and while David McChesney retired from his role in the Baptist Assn he still is integrally involved in supporting other local churches. Some of this money also goes to support our training institute, Carey Baptist College. The Baptist Churches of NZ and BOP Association have recommended an amount based on attendance. Discipleship Children’s Ministry Healthy churches need healthy Children’s ministries. This is a crucial area of ministry and we want to ensure that it continues to be well resourced. Jan has now been working with us for 8 years and the ministry continues to strengthen. It is a huge task to prepare a programme that will meet the needs of the different ages and personalities but the Children’s ministry team strive to develop new and exciting ways to teach the gospel through the pre and primary school years. Of course behind these excellent programmes are teachers who need to be trained and parents who need to be resourced. Youth Ministry Youth ministry in Tauranga can sometimes have that 2 steps forward and 1 step back feel about it, especially at the end of the year when a number of our older youth move on for work or study. However, we make the most of it by investing into our youth, preparing and discipling them the best we can as we send them out to make a difference in another part of the country. Matt Gordon has been with us 4 years now and he and his team have built a great foundation to build on. He is always looking for more leaders though so if that is you, have a chat with him. Adult Ministry Discipleship and having fun together is not something only for children and youth. Our vision is to see many adults come to know Christ and grow to be committed followers of our Lord and Saviour. This is an area that we are constantly assessing. We need to continue to develop these groups and resource the leaders. The budget here is for ministry costs, leadership training and resources. Worship Ministry Often the worship service is considered the “front window” of the church. It is often the first thing that new people experience of our church. It is therefore important for it to be a positive experience. Declan Smith has now been with us just over 2 years and he is very much considered ‘one of us’. It is great to see the stability, support and resources he has been able to provide into this vital ministry. The worship ministry budget provides the ongoing support for our weekly worship services and also includes costs for Copyright licences. Administration Support Property These costs encompass a wide variety of expenses related to the day-to-day operations of the church, including electricity for the church building and offices (peaks at over $1000 per month). It also includes rates and insurance. Basic repairs and maintenance to all our facilities, grounds and janitorial supplies are included in this budget. Last year we completed the painting of the inside of the Auditorium and hall roof, replaced a data projector and 24

completed a few behind the scenes electrical things. This year we need to work on the inside of the Church hall, it is in serious need of attention and we are looking at replacing the church chairs as many of the old ones are breaking down. The hope is that most of the financing of these projects will be through our maintenance budget, reworking our loan repayments, fund raising and some help from external grants. Church Office This budget item includes accounting services, office supplies, postage, copier costs, telephones, advertising, and IT. Also, any office equipment and maintenance contracts are included in this category. Debt Service Expenses related to this area are for paying interest and reducing outstanding loans related to church property and facilities. Our main loan is with Baptist Savings which will be paid off after just 3 years. Our 2 other loans are with BOP Baptist Assn (virtually interest free) which covered the cost of the toilets and the sound upgrade. We are working at refinancing these loans to help us cover any extra costs of the hall upgrade and new chairs. Personnel The personnel budget is the largest cost in almost any organisation and churches are no exception. The need to adequately staff a church and the related expenses to support the staff, are a vital part of discipling and reaching people for Jesus Christ. The increase here is due to moving the office staff to the living wage and the standard wage increase recommended by the Baptist Union for the pastoral staff. Current Staff Salaries This expense item includes the salaries for all paid staff, both full and part time. This budget allows for the equivalent of 2.8 full-time pastoral positions (spread between 4 people) and the equivalent of 1.0 support staff (spread between 3 people). Despite Brian concluding and there being a gap before appointing someone else, we have kept the amount at the full year amount so that we know what we need to be giving when fully staffed. Allowances The allowances related to the staff positions include travel, hospitality, superannuation, ministry enhancement, etc. Interns An Internship programme is a great way to help the church and individuals who wish to develop pastoral leadership skills. This year we have appointed Luke Stainton to this role as intern. Support Costs The support costs for personnel include expenses related to staff training, conferences, ACC levy etc and any Leadership Team costs. It also includes the costs of any visiting preachers. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE 2018 BUDGET PLEASE CONTACT TIM BLOOMFIELD OR BRIAN COCHRAN AT THE OFFICE 25

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