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Flipt Youth is about

Flipt Youth is about ‘flipped’ lives for Christ. When people encounter Christ they should be ‘flipt’ and there’s something different about them – whether they’re at home, school, work, church, anywhere. They are meant to make a difference. That’s the heart and goal of the ministry and it’s why we do what we do. Reflecting on 2017: I am thankful for a mostly positive year. Thanks to all my team this year for their passion and dedication to the ministry. Serving with them and seeing youth grow in their relationship with Christ and serving more within youth group and the church has been very exciting for me. Some highlights: Easter camp was a real peak experience once again for many in the group. This is always a time of building the group and spiritual growth. My thanks to all the leaders that did a great job, as well as Shem and Rachel Banbury for being camp parents. 8

We spent a term looking at challenging the status quo with a series called ‘Will you live it’? This was another highlight for the year, along with welcoming in the year 8’s in term four and seeing them integrate well into the group. Some challenges: We have seen some people come and go from the group, which is always difficult. There have also been some pastoral challenges this year and I’m grateful for all the support and assistance received. Ideas, Hopes and Vision for the Future: Paramount for 2018 and ahead is the identifying and developing of leaders both within and outside the group. We want to equip students to serve and lead wherever they are. And I especially want to see the youth leadership team stronger and more connected to Christ, each other, and the church body. Matt Gordon Zero Gravity is the year 7, 8 & 9 ministry to intermediate age youth. We meet on Sunday mornings after spending time in church for the first part of the service. We also have fun activities arranged on a regular basis at parent’s homes, special trips, music activities and of course the Easter e-camp happening again this year at Finlay park near Cambridge…. 2017 has again seen strong friendships being built with Zero Gravity ministry growing each year. We have gained some music skills this year with Ukulele, Guitar, Keyboard & Percussion skills developing. Any congregation member who has music skills is welcome to assist us in 2018 as we develop further. This year we visited retirement homes at Christmas playing Christmas carols and also played at our Christmas family service. Our focus in the final term was on service to the community, with some great morning teas provided to the congregation after the Sunday service. We see this service focus continuing in 2018. Parents are welcome to assist when they are available and participate in hosting Zero Gravity into your home as we see this as a valuable part of our activities. We have a great Zero Gravity planned for 2018. Remember bring your friends as this is a fun place to belong! Ian Chitty & Matt Gordon 9

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