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Papua New Guinea Emerging Leaders Program

This program is for managers, team leaders, and executives who want to raise the bar on their leadership competencies. The course is suited to highly capable and motivated people who are accountable for managing resources and generating results. It’s been designed to satisfy the needs of senior, or soon-to-become senior leaders. The PNG ELP improves the complex thinking skills of high-achieving managers who are already able to think strategically, work productively in teams, and who are open to fresh perspectives. Participants come from a broad range of industries and backgrounds, including senior managers, directors, owners and government managers. CPA PNG 19 January 2018 LEARNING SHARING COLLABORATING This unique 6-month immersion program enables businesspeople to remove barriers to exemplary leadership, strategic thinking, and growth. Through this course emerging leaders achieve their aspirations for both themselves and their organisation. • Master purpose: Understand your organisation’s meaning, and how it correlates to work and exemplary leadership. • Master authority: Understand authority in producing guidance, security, stability, strength, and direction. • Subjectivity: Recognising that perceptions, observations, and conclusions are subjective, and open to interpretation. • Mental agility: How to behave, analyse, communicate and learn in an “expert manner”. • Test assumptions: Recognising and testing assumptions and conventional wisdom that restrain the application of innovative leadership. • Taking multiple perspectives: How to analyse circumstances from various viewpoints. • Work with factions: Recognise and engaging diverse factions and how to make headway on adaptive challenges. Key Learning Benefits Participants engage in interactive discussion groups, case studies, assignments, and problem-solving with their Emerging Leader classmates. Concentrated on vibrant dialogue and argumentation pertinent to each of the principal themes these high impact sessions aim to contextualise learning within real-world situations and promote peer group interaction. These intensive breakout sessions create a compelling connection to explore new ideas and insights. Learn from a global consultant who understands Melanesian culture. Emerging Leaders Program 2018 2 CPA PNG 19 January 2018 Turbocharge your career towards a senior executive position: • Identify those leadership strengths you already possess. • Understand how a promotion to senior management will impact your role and working relationships. • Know what to expect in your first 90 days as a leader. • Create your Action Plan to develop your leadership skills. • Increase your confidence in delegating and delivering feedback. • Break the barriers to communication with staff or upper management. • Learn to identify and select the leadership style that succeeds best in different situations. • Coach your staff to improve individual performance. • Better cope with the challenging behaviours and performance issues that frequently arise in organisations. • Comprehend the strategic intent so you can strengthen your organisation’s results. • Establish, clarify and articulate a vision for the business unit you lead. • Lead your people to accept organisational change, and how to conquer change-resistance through intelligent leadership. • Employ networking and feedback to expand and advance your leadership development. • Build rapport and your influence with a broader network of people. • Learn how to handle the media. Emerging Leaders Program 2018 3

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