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Papua New Guinea Emerging Leaders Program

This program is for managers, team leaders, and executives who want to raise the bar on their leadership competencies. The course is suited to highly capable and motivated people who are accountable for managing resources and generating results. It’s been designed to satisfy the needs of senior, or soon-to-become senior leaders. The PNG ELP improves the complex thinking skills of high-achieving managers who are already able to think strategically, work productively in teams, and who are open to fresh perspectives. Participants come from a broad range of industries and backgrounds, including senior managers, directors, owners and government managers. CPA PNG 19 January 2018 Some of the organisations Ric Willmot has consulted, coached, and trained. Emerging Leaders Program 2018 4 CPA PNG 19 January 2018 Benefits for Your Organisation Ric Willmot is the author of 8 management books, including 3 best-sellers. Aligned to the core competencies identified in research undertaken by Executive Wisdom Consulting, the PNG Emerging Leaders Program takes a groundbreaking approach to cultivating critical and adaptive thinking capacities in today’s leaders. This unique experience will transform participants’ organisational thinking and leadership effectiveness. Albert Einstein recognised that, “The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them”. The PNG Emerging Leaders Program will develop the higher level of leadership thinking that is required for progress and prosperity in the coming decade. Your colleagues and peers will notice the change in your skills when you attend this course. They'll appreciate your: 1. Expanded capability to employ big-picture thinking. You will see beyond the narrow scope of a single task or role and consider what's best for the organisation. 2. Critical evaluation skills. Change happens suddenly in organisations. You will evaluate chaotic circumstances and decide the most suitable course of action. 3. Creative problem-solving skills. Connect with a network that lasts a lifetime. You will form bonds with current, past and future program delegates from a broad range of industries. Draw on these contacts for counsel, support or simply a fresh perspective, whenever the need should arise. The PNG Emerging Leaders Program is held over a six-month period to provide leaders with the opportunity to instil and apply the lessons learned to their organisational context. During this time participants will engage in deep, experiential learning and remain intimately connected to the Program through a combination of: • On-site intensive learning • On-site visits to organisations known for leading-edge applications in excellence • Interactive online video conferences • Purposeful interactions with peers outside the classroom • Discussions with some of the best thinkers from corporations and government • Delegates engage in individual, and group assignments devised to expand their knowledge and comprehension of the concepts and give opportunities to use their learning in a real-world context. Emerging Leaders Program 2018 5

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