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CHAPTER SIX Restoration

RESTORATION In consideration of the service most desk top fasteners and staplers have provided, one would have to conduct some form of restoration just to make the tool appealing to the eye and worthy of display. Just mentioning restoration will conjure up debate from several different beliefs. a. Some believe under no circumstances restoration should take place. Restoration destroys patina or integrity. b. While others believe only touch ups should take place. No repainting or plating should take place. Minor cosmetic corrections are permissible only for the purpose of improving the tool for display. c. There are others who feel that any change is O.K. as long as it makes the tool useable. d. Still others believe that when a working tool is involved, especially one that was never considered to have a collectible value, any restoration is permissible. restored. In nearly all cases looking as good as news and the way their family member had it . It all cases, their responses were positive and appreciative of the care and respect I had shown the simple tool used by their family member. SIMPLE RESTORATION This example shown below is a good example of simple restoration performed on a Hotchkiss stapler. The gentleman who owned it had passed away and his granddaughter made this stapler available on the internet. The machine was in poor condition and was not worthy of display. This stapler was cleaned at which time it was determined the base was extreme rusted. The remaining paint and rust was removed and the base was repainted the original gloss black. Nickel parts were cleaned and polished. The springs and moving internal parts were oiled. Overall, the process took three hours and at completion, the stapler was now ready for display. It is my belief that the forth rule applies. As long as the fastener is restored to its original condition the fastener does not lose value and restoration serves to enhance its appearance and on only adds to its appreciation. Many times, when buying an antique or vintage fastener, I have asked the seller if this fastener was the property of a family member. If it was, I would send a picture back to the seller after the fastener was 93

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