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Make: DUO FAST Model:

Make: DUO FAST Model: Trigger Action Stapler Made By: Fastener Corporation Information: Invent. Edward Krantz 1939 Make: FLASH Model: Desk Model Made By: American Die and Tool Corp. Chicago,Il Information: Invent. C.I. Tager and Hans C. Stockel Make: EVEREADY Model: D Made By: Everready MFG. CO. Information: Excellent displace piece Make: GENERAL Model: Desk Model Made By: The General Stapling Machine Co. Information: Only seen once 5

Make: GREENFIELD Model: Desk Model Made By: Greenfield MFG. Co. New York, NY Information: Invent. Edwin T, Greenfield Make: HELLER Model: 2-S Made By: The Heller Company Information: The Heller Company only produced a few staplers, the rest were purchased from existing companies, like Hotchkiss and Wilson – Jones. Make: HANSEN Model: Desk Model Made By: A.L. Hansen MFG. Co. Chicago Information: Invent. E. Krantz Make: HERCULES Model: Desk Model Made By: The American Die And Tool Corp. Chicago, Il Information: Hans C. Stockel 6