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Make: HOTCHKISS Model: 1

Make: HOTCHKISS Model: 1 Made By: E.H. Hotchkiss Sales Co. Norwalk, Conn Make: IDEAL Model: Tacker Made By: The Consolidated Staple Co. NY Information: Indicated Pat. Pend. Information: Circa 1901 Make: HUTCHISON Model: Spool-O-Wire Made By: Automatic Sharpener Co. Chicago,, Il Information: Circa: 1919 Make: IRVIN Model: Desk Model Made By: Alex H. Irvin Co. Curwensville, Penn Information: Also known as the New Irvin 7

Make: KEYES Model: Hand Held Made By:NY Carbon & Transfer Paper Co. Information: Circa 1896 Make: KING Model: Heavy Duty Made By: King Fastener Co. E. Greenwich, CO Information: circa: 1940 Make: KEYSTONE Model: Desk Top Made By: Unknown Information: Circa 1886 Make: KRANTZ Model: Desk Top Made By: Krantz MFG. Co. Information: circa: 1933 8