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Krimp’It Paper

Krimp’It Paper Crimping Device Research by Curtis Scaglione June 19, 2012 CHAPTER 1 - The Right People in the Right Place CHAPTER 2 - The Right Place CHAPTER 3 - Advertisements CHAPTER 4 - Trademark and Patents CHAPTER 5 - Photographs © 2012 by Curtis Scaglione All rights reserved. With the exception of the US Patent and Trade Mark information, which is public record, No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Curtis Scaglione. 16

Krimp’It Paper Crimping Device 1931 - 1934 Seiders-Mather Corporation 155 E Superior St. Chicago, Illinois Until recently, this crimper was unknown to me and probably unknown to many other collectors as well. Upon acquiring my first Krimp’It, I discovered that it was manufactured under the second of two patents. My only resource was the fastener itself. Any and all data was taken from the fastener in hopes of discovering who was responsible. Unfortunately, only minimal information was available, which caused some concern. The patent provided a few clues as to the players involved with the machine by providing their names. Research was conducted on each person. Overall, like any good investigation, one clue leads to another and another until the story is told. The name Seiders - Mather Corporation was engraved into the paper table. With that information, I was able to start my search. It wasn’t long before patent information was presented. It was a surprise to find that not one but two patents were issued for this machine. As the Krimp’It is unusual, I could only wonder if my example was produced with the second patent because the company responsible decided the first patent did not meet up to standards. It was likely that this was the only model produced. I was completely surprised when I found the second example. This example required some attention, but with time, it earned its place in the collection. This model was based on the first patent. This was becoming an even bigger challenge because until a week ago, I never knew the Krimp’It even existed. Reviewing the patents quickly identified the inventors and executives of the company. 17

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