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senior employee that had no knowledge of the machine. The point to this is simple. BOSTITCH invented what is probably the first electric stapler and they have no history of it. Something like that is a selling point and good for advertisement. The year was 1937. A patent had been approved and manufacturing has begun. The only reference to electric staplers can be found on line is that, “ they began to be produced in the mid 1950’s.” Overall, my collection numbers in the hundreds. I often find another example that I will need to add before my collection is complete. Truth be known, I will never complete my collection. Collecting is but a small part of the hobby. Research has its own reward. Discovering one fact that leads to another and another and those facts need to be researched. In the mid 1990’s the only way to obtain a copy of a patent was to go to the patent office. It wasn’t for a few more years that patents were made available from the patent office on line. It only took a short time to obtain the necessary programs to gain access to their vast files and more information became available. Over the past 15 years I have operated two web sites, The Stapler Exchange and My newsletter “ADHERE THIS” was also instrumental in getting the word out and then came the responses. Collectors, the curious and family members of those responsible for the staplers started to come in. Curtis A. Scaglione

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