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Let me check the

Let me check the calendar to see when my vacation starts and – Oh, yeah - I need to order a few more Markwell Staplers. You are ready to take the game with the best hand of the night. Excitement is end the air, and Oh yeah – I need to buy a new Markwell Stapler. Wonderful ideas that was cost effective and easy to produce. Good salesmen used these promotional tools, and used them well (Mark well). Many of you may remember when it acceptable to smoke in the office place. Pipes, cigarettes and cigar were common. The stapler companies were prepared to reach out to their clients even here. In the days of the fountain pen everyone had to have one of these. Known as a ink blotter, this little piece of card board like paper was used to blot up excess ink from letter that had been written. It was a must have when writing. (left) This bronzed color advertisement for Markwell Staplers was made by Metal Arts Co. Rochester, New York. The caractor in the center of the ash tray is Staple Sam the Markwell Man. It goes without saying, he made from staples. (right) This BOSTITCH lighter was a superb early advertising promotional item. Back in the day when smoking was considered acceptable and most people took part without regards to their health. This lighter was made by WESTON INT'L N.Y. Approximate size: 4.1cm (l) x 1.5cm. My favorite advertisement or promotional product is this Arrow Stapling Machine belt buckle. I don’t leave home without it. How else will all the other collectors realize that I am an Antique and Vintage Fastener Collector? Many times, after looking at this belt buckle, I have the urge to run down to Office Depot or Home Depot just to look at the new fastener models. Before the age of Television, everyone found other ways to entertain themselves. Cards were a favorite. 64

For those large orders, Duo – Fast was ready to deliver. The Swingline stuff characters still show up today. These toys could be found at your local 5 and 10 Cent store. I know, because I remember them at the store near my house around 1959 -1960 time period. The Hotchkiss Sales C. display at the Chicago Expo 1921 This display was a good way to get the stapler out of the box and show it off. This was effective advertising. 65

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