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Geography Albuquerque is

Geography Albuquerque is divided geographically into four quadrants that are officially part of the postal address. They are NE (northeast), NO (northwest), SE (southeast) and SW (southwest). The Central Avenue divides the city between north-south and the villas of the BNSF Railway divides the city between the east and west. Surface • Total 490.92 km² • Land 486.22 km² • Water (0.96%) 4.7 km² Altitude • Average 1514 m. n. m. Semi-Arid Climate

Family of Mexico Before this trip I had already known some of the guys that I would travel but also they were people that I know how they were are but after this travel all tha laughs the moments that were with different emotions that somenthing that is imposible to write because all the things that we saw how we help each other that show me the new family we do during the travel

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