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BHSA Home School Packet (Yumpu Sample)

Brooks Home School Academy Brochure

The Brooks

The Brooks Home School Academy (BHSA) And the Brooks Tutoring Service (BTS) Serving Middle Tennessee Dear Prospective Family, Thanks for inquiring about BHSA. Let me begin with a piece of advice: Whatever you do, don’t go back to school! Let me come to you instead – with a series of unique learning programs. Why unique? The BHSA path is tailored specifically and exclusively to your needs. The first lesson is one you teach me. You tell me what you want and what you need, and I will create a program of study just for you. From basic literacy to college development, from social etiquette to career enrichment, together we will create a program uniquely suited to your needs and goals. I invite you to read the enclosed brochure and to give me a call at 615-887-5539 to arrange that first lesson. Sincerely yours, The Brooks Academy Family Product of Brooks Home School Academy. All rights reserved.

Motto: “Fortune Favors the Bold!!!” About Us The Brooks Home School Academy (BHSA) and The Brooks Tutoring Services (BTS) was established in 2005 to provide students from grades 6-12 the opportunity to enhance their studies and prepare for college. Brooks-qualified Instructors stimulate your young adult in a way that would give an edge academically and throughout their lives. BHSA and BTS are unique in that there is academic instruction, ACT/SAT/PSAT/LSAT/MCAT/GRE/GMAT preparation, Social Graces and Summer Fun. The Curriculum Our goal is to strengthen academic skills through an accelerated program. Expert professors will utilize a program for a “higher-order thought” provoking questions to augment students’ skills. Each specialized curriculum will be specially designed for the student to help build self esteem, life-long values and social skills throughout education and extracurricular activities. Learning trips play a critical role in academic success. Students participate in experiential and exploratory trips on an annual basis. These trips include: • In-state exploration (understanding history, culture and industry) • National experiential (connecting to “top places to know”) • International exploration and experiential trips (by invitation only – missions, projects and production) Extracurricular Activities Our goal is for the extracurricular activities to be fun and enjoyable for the scholars. The activities will build both networking and interpersonal skills that will give each student an edge to succeed for their future. Tab 1 Page 1 Product of Brooks Home School Academy. All rights reserved.

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