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BHSA Home School Packet (Yumpu Sample)

Brooks Home School Academy Brochure

Motto: “Fortune Favors

Motto: “Fortune Favors the Bold!!!” Tuition Costs will include the following Test Preps State’s Standardized Tests / ACT Prep / SAT Prep / PSAT Prep Note: Since most Colleges and Universities no longer consider “Weighted” GPA’s, no additional points will be added to the final GPA for Honors Classes. BHSA does not offer Advanced Placement (“AP”) courses. Through our findings, most institutions of higher learning reserve the “right” to accept the credits of the AP Courses; therefore, we feel time should not be wasted on the “unknown” factor of given course credits. However, The Academy STRONGLY supports dual credit “College Credit” with any institution willing to accept our students. For an additional fee, the Staff at BHSA will offer services to help the family with FAFSA support, Scholarship and Grant Support, Letters of Recommendation, College Choice Selection, and Admissions for the student. For those students wishing to seek a definite path to Medicine, the MCAT practice, along with the ACT/SAT practice, will be worked together. College Students are allowed to submit an application to Medical Schools after two years of Pre-Med course study work during their first two years of college with selected Universities. The LSAT practice study course work is available to those students wishing to pursue a career in Law. The GRE / MCAT study course will be given to those students knowing that College Work will be completed early and want to apply for a “Post Graduate” degree. For each course of study at BHSA, each student receives a “Course Syllabus”. Full-time students: $850 per month Tuition • Includes all modules, college planning, administration, transcripts, and customized curriculum • 10-month or 2-semester minimum commitment Tutoring: $380 per month • Includes one module • 3-month minimum commitment Scholarship applications are available. Scholarships Tab 1 Page 4 Product of Brooks Home School Academy. All rights reserved.

Motto: “Fortune Favors the Bold!!!” Sample Course Work for the High School Student (Middle School Students are allowed to start the High School Curriculum) Category Subject Credits Course Total Religion: Must choose one or may use the other subject as an Elective Religion World Religion Ia / Bible I 1.0 Religion World Religion IIa / Bible II 1.0 Religion World Religion IIIb / Bible III 1.0 Religion World Religion IVb / Bible IV 1.0 Religion Total Religion Credits 4.0 English English English I (Regular, Honors) 1.0 English English II (Regular, Honors) 1.0 English English III (Regular, Honors) (See Note 1) 1.0 English English IV / Speech (Regular, Honors) (See Note 2) 1.0 English Total English Credits 4.0 History History Your State History (Regular) 1.0 History American History (Regular, Honors) 1.0 History World History (Regular, Honors) 1.0 History Government / Economics (Regular, Honors) 1.0 History Total History Credits 4.0 Math Math Algebra I / II (Regular, Honors) 1.0 Math Geometry (Regular, Honors) 1.0 Math Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus (Regular, Honors) 1.0 Math Calculus/Selected Applied Math Course (Regular, Honors) 1.0 Math Total Math Credits 4.0 Science Science Biology I (Regular, Honors) 1.0 Science Chemistry I (Regular, Honors) 1.0 Science Physics I (Regular, Honors) 1.0 Science Anatomy & Physiology (Regular, Honors) 1.0 Science Total Science Credits 4.0 Tab 1 Page 5 Product of Brooks Home School Academy. All rights reserved.

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