10 months ago

Simple Homemade Hydroponics

How to build your own passive hydroponics rig, with just some bottles, soil and cardboard. Full guide for growing your free food -


KRATKY METHOD ⊙ Named after B.A. Kratky. ⊙ A passive hydroponics method. ⊙ No crazy pumps and lights. ⊙ Just a water reservoir and grow a plant on top of it. ⊙ This passive system will provide plants with what they need.

Partial Kratky ⊙ Recommended to still use soil coupled with expanded clay balls (LECA). ⊙ Soluble fertilizers can be expensive. ⊙ Trying to get the correct PH value can be difficult for beginners. ⊙ Think of it as a low maintenance “self watering” system instead.