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Steve Jobs (1)

Recording Industry

Recording Industry Association of America, the RIAA and artists who were worried about how to sell digital music. ITunes has become a leverage for securing iPod consumers and selling iPhones, and the App Store is helping to secure iPhone/iPad consumers and lead to the next business. Steve Jobs’s Management view and leadership have secured a loyal customer base for Apple. These loyal Apple customers are responsible for purchasing and promoting expensive iPhones that cost between $ 800 and $ 1000. After suffering from pancreatic cancer and the initial successful recovery, Steve Jobs had no choice but come to terms with his own mortality. Steve Jobs who was excessively self-righteous and determined was never afraid to challenge others to a different viewpoint. He was invited to the Stanford University graduation ceremony in 2005 and asked for a "Stay hungry, Stay foolish" approach to life in his commencement speech. Steve Jobs said he had the extreme mindset of being the best or the worst. So when the staff came up with some results they received a lot of compliments, yet if they were performing under par, they would have had bad reviews and accusations. Nevertheless, he is still regarded as a leader with creative leadership. When an organization needs to find a new goal or direction, what is most needed is a creative leader. The creative leader is a leader with the ability to discover new values ​and generate value for the organization in a given environment and encourage the members to freely try new ways to organize their organization so that the organization led by the creative leader Like Steve Jobs, Apple is innovative, efficient, and open.

Leadership has no direct effect on the performance of the organization but has an indirect effect on the organization performance through mediation of group efficacy. In other words, leaders who demonstrate leadership do not regard the relationship between the leader and the organization as a simple exchange, but rather introduce creative and innovative ideas to their subordinates through intellectual stimulation. Therefore, it is tempting to look at new and challenging problems by escaping from existing problem solving methods, to instill a sense of purpose to the subordinates through a shared vision, to induce change and development of the real world, And to motivate them to engage in mission and vision. In addition, the belief that a task can be successfully performed by a group increases the degree of effort with expectation of results, which in turn leads to a higher level of organizational performance. As a result, the more leadership the leader has, the more positive the beliefs about the competence of the group, and the higher the expectation and self-confidence of the group performance, the greater the effort to accomplish the achievement.

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