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SCIENCE Albuquerque is a

SCIENCE Albuquerque is a very wonderful place it is located Latitude: 35 ° 05'04 "N Length: 106 ° 39'04 "W Altitude above sea level: 1513 m and its in New Mexico state. The envirorment there is actually weird cause it’s dessert so in winter people are really freezing but its very cool in the envirorment there are this huge rock with lot of sand and its wonderful.

Albuquerque´s population is of 559.277 people (2016). The festivities are now known collectively as Las Posadas, a nine-day celebration from December 16th to December 24th, representing the nine months Jesus was in the womb. New Mexicans today typically celebrate the Posadas on Christmas Eve where it has since moved from churchyards to neighborhood parties acted out by groups of carolers

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