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dressed up like Mary,

dressed up like Mary, Joseph and angels who sing songs begging to be let inside CELEBRATORY FOODS Holiday foods in this region most frequently consist of: • Tamales - a savory dish; made with corn-based masa dough, which is typically stuffed with shredded pork. The little package is wrapped in a corn husk and steamed until it’s cooked and is usually topped with red chile sauce when served. • Pozole - resembles a soup made with hominy; a specific type of large corn kernel without its hull. This dish has various recipes, but is most often made with pork or chicken and red or green chile. • Red and green chile stew - this depends on preference; refer to our official state question for more details.

• Biscochitos - a cookie made with lard and flavored with cinnamon and anise • Pastelitos - little pies with sweet fillings of reconstituted dried fruits and spices

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