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The December, January & February Edition Of Camino- The exclusive Luxury South America Travel Magazine.


A GROUP OF THE UNIQUE GALAPAGOS PENGUINS SPECIES. Galapagos Islands Tours are already considered to be only for the most avid wildlife seeker or luxurious traveller. But that doesn’t mean that all Galapagos cruises or tours are created equal or 5 star simply because of the price tag. Of course there are cruises and touring options to suit all range of budgets, but what if you prefer a touch of luxury to match how intimate and exclusive your environment is? CAMINO MAGAZINE N O M A D I C | 2 4 12

HERE ARE 5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR GALAPAGOS ISLANDS TOURS MORE GLAMOUROUS Glamping in the Galapagos Islands Waking up to gorgeous Galapagos islands vistas There’s nothing like waking up to the marvellous Galapagos panorama to make you feel immersed in your incredible destination. And this means ensuring you have more than a small porthole to catch a glimpse of your surroundings in as you sail from different islands. Larger viewing windows in your cruise cabin could make your Galapagos islands tour that bit more memorable. Some cruises may even have a small balcony you can step out into. LAZING IN THE SUN AT GALAPAGOS SAFARI CAMP. What happens if you cross a luxe African tented camp with serenity and abundant wildlife of the Galapagos Islands? You get the Galapagos Safari Camp, a unique galapagos island tour combining daily excursions on a private yacht with accommodation at luxury camp style accommodation. Located on Santa Cruz Island and limited to 9 canvas tents, this is one of the most exclusive ways to experience these enchanted islands. P.S. The infinity pool at Galapagos Safari Camp is stunning too! 13 STAR JOURNEY ALL HAVE PRIVATE BALCONIES. THE REFURBISHED SUITES ONBOARD THE GALAPAGOS SEA

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